Bellwether, What Bellwether?

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There were two special elections for Congress on Tuesday, both in North Carolina and which were both won by the GOP.  In North Carolina 3 the Republican crushed the Democrat as was expected.  The Democrats and the news media, but I repeat myself, had high hopes for Democrat victory in North Carolina 9.  Running one of their patented fake moderates, former Marine Daniel McCready, the Democrats were touting this as a referendum on Trump and the media eagerly played along.  McCready had been defeated for the House seat by Republican Mark Harris in 2018.  Well founded allegations of cheating by Mark Harris, who never took his seat in Congress, caused this special election, which Republican Dan Bishop handily won with help from President Trump and Vice President Pence.  McCready’s margin of defeat in 2018 was about a thousand votes and in 2019 about four thousand votes.

This result of course was off script and the news media quickly either shoved this result down the memory hole or attempted, ludicrously, to paint it as a defeat for Trump.  If we had anything approaching a truly honest media in this country, the Democrat Party would long since have gone the way of the Whig Party.


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  1. “If we had anything approaching a truly honest media…” Agreed. The Democratic Party is a puppet of the enemedia, which has as its mission the complete destruction of the USA as we know it. It is basically against anything good and decent. A perfect example is the recent NYT headline that 9/11 was when “airplanes aimed at the World Trade Center”. That’s right, airplanes are the enemy! Until enough Americans wake up to this reality concerning the enemedia, Democrats will continue to have somewhat exaggerated success getting elected.

  2. The Associated Press coverage was in the formerly libertarian/conservative Pittsburgh Tribune Review, which now is nothing more than an anti Trump rag. It made McCready’s loss sound as if Trump narrowly escaped defeat at the hands of former Trump voters who have abandoned him in droves. What a joke.

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