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Moral Principle or Not

Ostensibly, Jorge Bergoglio’s exhortation Amoris Laetitia proclaims  moral principles. Again and again Jorge uses the word ‘must’ regarding what he dictates as new moral law. That’s the thing about moral principles. Either they take a yes/no approach in must/must-not language so they always apply, objectively, or they are not moral principles. To say something is a ‘subjective moral principle,’ or its application depends on the circumstances or situation is to say it is not a moral principle.

For example, Amoris Laetitia says explicitly and dogmatically  that its new doctrines  apply to unrepentant public adulterers who are to be joyfully integrated into the communal life of the church. It also then goes on  to say these new teachings apply to all in every situation; and, . . mutatis mutandis, wink, wink, nudge, nudge . . . implicitly to those active and public in choosing voluntarily to engage in intrinsically evil, consensual homosexual sex acts.

Yeah! Faithful Catholic Sinners Too !

That being so – i.e. this new Bergoglian morality with universal appalication being the new ecclesial reality, allegedly raised up by Jorge’s own bootstraps to the level of magisterium – these ‘primnciples’ must also apply to those good and faithful catholics who speak the truth to the world about Jorge Bergoglio and his heresies.  Thank God! It applies to this current writer!

And all these people listed below can, Praise The Lord! – rely on Jorge’s new version of the old mercy heresy while demanding that Jorge and his minions within the earthly power structures of the church welcome them all joyfully and integrate them into the church’s communal life:

public critics of Jorge; alleged schismatics; attackers of Jorge; underminers of Jorge; anyone daring to question Jorge; those opposed to Jorge; absolutists; traditionalists; those intolerant of Jorge; those intolerant of homosexual sin; those who quote the words of God Himself,  Genesis 19,  Leviticus 18 & 20, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:8-10; those who quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 2357 and say not only that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered, but, yes, such depraved acts by priests and bishops are contrary to the natural law ; those who are any type of ‘phobic’;  those who virtue signal saying they are praying for Jorge; populists worldwide; nationalists; anyone speaking contrary to Jorge’s new world order; anyone praying for US federal RICO actions against all bishops, archbishops, cardinals, clerical homopredators and sodorapists, ordained pederasts,  their enablers and shuttlers,  and the subsequent imprisonment of all those prelates found  guilty following legal seizure of all their personal wealth; racists; serial killers; beastialists;  democrats; and anyone who says Jorge is not enlightened by the Holy Spirit; anyone who thinks moral principles are black and white; anyone who hates the sins of the lavender mafia; anyone who says Jorge and Hillary were validly elected; anyone who doubts Jorge; anyone who hates anyone; and anyone who says 2+2 = 4

After Jorge has self-canonized himself while still alive, and a faithful catholic critic dies, it should go like this outside the pearly gates:

St. Peter: It says here that you dared to publicly criticize St. Jorge B.

Critic: But, St. Peter, I have my Jorge ‘Get Out Of Hell Free’ card right here (critic hands copy of Amoris Laetitia to St. Peter.).

St. Peter:  (Hmmmm  . . . so Jesus was wrong, St. Peter thinks to himself). All righty then, come on in!

Here is what MUST be the Bergoglian case for faithful catholics and all the folks listed above (as well as any who call Jorge masonic or demonic]: [Text added to Amoris Laetitia by this writer in ALL CAPS within the original  Jorgemagisterial wording]:

But the Church . . . is a place for everyone, INCLUDING FAITHHFUL CATHOLICS (AL, 310).

No one can be condemned for ever, NOT EVEN FAITHFUL CATHOLICS because that is not the logic of the Gospel! Here I am not speaking of the divorced and remarried, but of everyone INCLUDING FAITHFUL CATHOLICS in whatever situation they find themselves EVEN THOSE IGNORANT ONES FAITHFULLY LIVING THE TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH (AL, 297).

I also encourage the Church’s pastors to listen to them – TO THE  FAITHFUL CATHOLICS – with sensitivity and serenity, with a sincere desire to understand their plight and their point of view, in order to help them live better lives and to recognize their proper place in the Church. (AL, 312).

Deo Gratias! Thank God for Jorge’s all-encompassing mercy and his declaration from the throne of Peter that no one, not even FAITHFUL CATHOLICS, no one is condemned forever. This correction of Jesus’ errors has been way too long in coming, We must all rejoice that, even though it took about two millenia, a real messiah has finally shown up. I know now and believe  2+2 = 5!  I love Grande Hermano Jorge!



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  1. Guy, Pun intended, but you are being rather rigid in your understanding of AI. It never states, no does the Buenos Aires’s bishops interpretation of it state, that all divorced and remarried may frequent the sacraments. It says some may after a period of discernment with their priest be able to frequent the sacraments. Yes it is a slight of hand, yes most people who will now line up for communion will never meet with the priest. Many priests will make invalid judgments or many priests will have an out when a parishioner complains about the scandal of the adulterous couple receiving the Eucharist by stating, “It is not my fault, they never spoke to me about this.”

    I’d also point out that some groups of bishops have issued statements that they will remain faithful to the pre-AI position. To my knowledge the pope has never admonished them or sought a reversal. The one exception is the tragedy of the JP2 institute, but this is underhanded as it is not the pope himself making the changes.

  2. “…no one is condemned forever. This correction of Jesus’ errors has been way too long in coming.” -GM

    His personal opinions are, well…
    unbecoming of a Catholic religious…
    and from a Pope…scandalous.
    That’s my opinion but mine sure won’t impact any faithful…but his opinions?
    O U C H.

  3. I think that “no one is condemned forever” remark can be, and in charity ought to be understood as “no one has to be condemned forever by the Church in this life rather than as an expression of a Universalist or Apocatastatic sentiment.

    Unless and until he endorses David Bentley Hart.

  4. I just love the satire.May the Holy Spirit depose Jorge back to Argentina from whence he came. Let his own people deal with him. My understanding, however, is that he’s not too welcome there. I wonder why? Foolish senile geriatric buffoon!

  5. If, after so many years, God hasn’t punished a faithful adulterer, who am I to condemn . . . or some such brain vomit a moral-defective might write.

  6. Evidently our dear “Pope”, after much spiritual reflection, has introduced a new, all purpose concept into Catholic teaching. Call it preemptive sainthood which fits nicely with his preemptive socialism. What can win hearts and minds better than free stuff?!

  7. The impression I get from Pope Francis is that he has adopted the ‘Oprah’ approach to religion; that is, all religions get to heaven. Be a swell person, do good things, get in line with modern political trends toward a global government, and it’s off to heaven you go. Be a bad person (rigid, obsessed with Truth, arms dealers, capitalists, mafia types) and the good news is you’ll probably just be dead. I could be wrong, but that’s how I read his basic message.

  8. DG, But lavender mafia,mitered or not, even though they have committed felony larceny trying to steal God’s rainbow, get to heaven in the end? Guy, Texas

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