Yeah, But When Is Bill Going to Recreate the Juanita Broaddrick Rape?

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


VENICE—A thought-provoking new art exhibit in Venice, Italy yesterday showed Elizabeth Warren sitting at a desk reading her DNA test results for over an hour.

Warren sat at the desk and read through the thousands of pages providing conclusive proof that she’s not Native American in an exhibit that was said to be a “powerful statement speaking truth to science.”

“Dear Ms. Warren, you are still not Native American. Please stop contacting us,” read one letter she received from, which she had slammed with a one-star review. “I sent them a few more letters after this, before they got a restraining order,” she told the crowd gathered. “We’re good pals, me and those guys.”

Another letter read, “For the last time, Ms. Warren, we cannot provide you with any proof that you are Native American as we are the Cleveland Indians, a baseball franchise. And no, we do not have any headdresses you can borrow for your campaign. Again, the baseball thing.”

Go here to read the rest.  Amazing how reality keeps giving The Bee its stories.  Lately The Bee staff could say with Will Rogers:

“Well, what shall I talk about? I ain’t got anything funny to say. All I know is what I read in the papers.”

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  1. She’s not reading “all” of her emails; aren’t there about 33,000 missing from the top of her desk, the ones she shredded?

  2. My position is Coney, Brennan and the rest of their deepstate cabal were intent on seeing her elected because she was going to be so easy to blackmail into advancing whatever agenda the deepstate wanted advanced.

    I’m sort of surprised it isn’t Trump’s as well.

  3. My position is Coney, Brennan and the rest of their deepstate cabal were intent on seeing her elected because she was going to be so easy to blackmail into advancing whatever agenda the deepstate wanted advanced.

    My wager about Comey is that he’s a vain man who was playing political games to keep his job. The Department of Justice was run by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, not exemplars of impartiality. As for Brennan and McCabe, they’re government lifers. McCabe had spent his entire career under (1) Democratic administrations and (2) Robert Mueller. The post-Dukakis Democratic Party is an organization that has no procedural principles. The people who get promoted are people who protect the Democratic Party. J. Christian Adams has had some columns on what Eric Holder was doing to the staff of the central divisions of the Department at the time he resigned from it.

    One thing you might do is restore the civil service exam to it’s proper place in hiring and promotion. Another you might do is to end tenure for civil servants. It’s important people be appointed through impersonal processes; not seeing how it is necessary to maintaining the impartiality of the civil service that we give federal employees a property right to their job (and it certainly isn’t working out in practice). Another thing we might do is to sort federal police and security services, intelligence gathering and the representation of the government in court between about ,nine separate departments. The FBI should also be broken up into several pieces. Another thing we could do is reduce the scope of federal jurisdiction in matters criminal and civil, and recalibrate penalties to approximate those in state law. What’s Cocaine Mitch likely to accomplish?

  4. Or we could just repeal the Hatch Act, on the theory that if they act like partisan hacks they ought be tossed out on their ears from time to time, like partisan hacks.

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