Face of Socialism

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Thought For the Day


  1. While Socialism is not the answer, nor is Capitalism but both can have their uses and serve for food. I was brought up to think of the less fortunate, those in poverty and those with disabilities and this was growing up in a Roman Catholic Irish family. The Catholic church, its history of abuses and its strong links with Right Wing Conservative politics, have disgusted many followers in Europe. Socialism for me is better health care and better education for all and that has been part of the Catholic church. Capitalism does not always solve the problems of poverty, inequality and democracy. Capitalism has been criticized for promoting individualism and individualism has been seen as promoting disrespect.

  2. Socialism for me is better health care and better education

    Mustn’t forget about the death camps, mass graves, man made famines and crushing of freedom, James. They go with Socialism like bread with butter. Purportedly socialist regimes that lack these features aren’t really socialist, but merely variants of Western welfare states which have their own problems. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for true Socialism.

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