Fr. Matthew Mary, EWTN, tells it like it is.

When I don’t go to daily Mass, I try to watch the daily EWTN Mass.  I did so today :  amazing, wonderful homily by Fr. Matthew Mary.   Briefly, he discussed Pope Francis’s airplane call for schism, put that into a proper historical context (Catholics faithful to doctrine are not “rigid”) and explained why we should follow Cardinal Burke’s and Bishop Schneider’s call for 40 days of fasting and prayer to prevent six errors being promulgated in the forthcoming Synod on the Amazon.

I’ll not go into more detail, but let you watch this Youtube video

and examine the six page call for prayer by Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider.

It is indeed a time for prayer.

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  1. Thank you Bob Kurland.
    I’m circulating this video to my center of influences this afternoon.

    On the 26th of October we will be in Cardinal Burke’s presence with other faithful. Call to Holiness is his topic.

    Thanks again for your post.

  2. Fr. Matthew Mary is clearly a teacher of the Faith, has a grasp of good grammar, and most of all, delivers sermons applicable to the ancient readings we must understand.

  3. Thank you, Matt Mary. It is so good to know the real truth presented on EWTN as it is presented lies, suppositions, and unsubstantiated misinformation presented by those who have a deep hatred for Pope Francis. Burke and his compatriots are a very few and so jealous of the position of our great Pope Francis that it is palpable. Pope Francis knows the Magesterium better than those who would turn the church back to an irrelevant remnant of the 16th century. No more out of date Vestments. A liturgy that can be understood in the vernacular of the people. He has opened the dark windows of the Vatican and light and fresh air have reinvigorated this church making it today’s church for all people. The Burkeans don’t want to lose their places as the princes of the church. They don’t want to rub shoulders with the sheep of their pastures. He does, that is what Christ did and would do today were he walking about. The pope stands in the place of Christ on Earth. He can make this church accessible to all or a museum for all. Let the Burkeans swish around in the ten-foot capes held by a couple of acolytes. The Sedalia is gone long live walking the aisle touching the congregation. We should observe he is serving much as St. Charles Borromeo who lifted the church from apostasy and corruption and gave it a new life and meaning to this world. This pope has gathered some of the finest musicians, choirs and those who truly know and love the LIturgy who can take parts of tradition and incorporate it into today’s practice making it viable as a vehicle to the ultimate focus that is, the Eucharistic. That is where our eyes, hearts, and prayers should be focused. The past is the past. The dry bones are gone true love for the church in all its wonderment and beauty is ours to take and make our own. We have remarkable Priests, Monsignors, Bishops, and Cardinals who have the characteristics of true Godly men who are showing us the way to salvation. Not dressed in the finery of old but in the glory of seeing the host and the chalice in their holy hands and knowing what it is all about. We are a transitional church, we must open ourselves and welcome the others who have religions that differ from us so that they can know who and what we are and what we have to share. We must listen to others. We can not live and grow in a cacoon. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide our Pope Francis and direct him to bring the new light of understanding love for all, seeing God in all things, even Cardinal Burke.

  4. With all this information presented by Fr, Matthew which we saw live has moved us to withdraw all of the support for EWTN that our foundation has given willingly through the years. EWTN seems to have a full vendetta against Pope Francis. So much hate. We don’t see God in much of what is left of EWTN. When your income becomes less and you will have to find more to fund your programs those running this TV station may come to realize the harm they have done to themselves. It has been very evident in the last 6 months or so the time slots for the Papal visits cut back to nothing and placed at time when few are able to view the content. 1 a.m. is not a good viewing time. We won’t be making any future donations as we have done in the past. Too bad as we really enjoy Fr. Pacwa and Fr. Spitzer. We will continue to support them in their work but from a different site. Goodbye EWTN. There are other Catholic stations.

  5. Lurline,

    Yours seems nothing but a strawman argument. Nothing you note is advocated by Cardinal Burke or EWTN. Perhaps you could object to the substance of Fr. Matt’s homily or Cardinal Burke’s letter.

    Your sodomy and contraception church has all the life of a week old cow patty. Please show me any data that since the beginning of the Francis papacy church attendance or vocational life has improved. We have never had a pope in the modern era who has made so many insulting comments to Catholics as Francis, but you adore him. Says much about your character.

  7. “Thank you, Matt Mary. It is so good to know the real truth presented on EWTN as it is presented lies, suppositions, and unsubstantiated misinformation presented by those who have a deep hatred for Pope Francis.”

    EWTN is not who you should be scolding dear Ms.Jennings.
    The Pope has decided to clam up when clergymen has asked him for clarity, (dubia) and by ignoring their requests he has made himself a difficult bed to sleep in. Defending the Church and it’s doctrines is not of intrest to the current pontificate, but ambiguous pronouncements which threaten 2000 years of clear teaching IS offensive, as well as disrespectful. He claims to be open for criticism yet he tar and feathers those who have legitimate questions by attacking them, orthodox Catholics from the evil North America.

    Enough already.
    Fr. Matthew spoke the truth.
    He is a faithful priest speaking with clarity and charity. Pope Francis?

  8. Infallibility of the Vicar of Christ comes from Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word of God, The Supreme Sovereign Being, Creator and Endower of unalienable, innate human rights. Jesus Christ is a virgin, a celibate virgin, a brother to all mankind WHO served His Father in heaven in every single instant of His Life on earth.
    “To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal Life” The eternal Truth of Jesus Christ is infallible; the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth is infallible.
    Pope Francis has a solution in search of a problem. First, address the problem. Catechists are not ordained. Everyone is allowed to baptize. Build the church. They will come. Pope Francis wants all to come with their baggage. “Leave all that you have and come follow me”
    Mary Exterminatrix of Heresies pray for us.

  9. Pope Francis is sabotaging the church.Ihope that bishops . stand up to him. Iwill always live after my religious education i received .It is not being rigid if you defend the truth.The ten commendments never change.Idont appreciate his critics of those AMERICAN.

  10. Kitty McGowan,
    I agree with you. They should show PF in ALL his glory. They should show him speaking (rambling and scolding) from every plane, every interview, whenever there is a camera or open mike, any time a thought pops into his head and he is compelled to blurt it out. Then let them compare what he says against the Holy Scriptures, the 10 Commandments, the Church Fathers, the Doctor’s of the Church, what the past Popes taught and even current Canon Law.

    Yes, show it all.

  11. Miss Kitty, I find it curious that you like Father Pacwa and Father Spitzer yet speak of EWTN as you do. They speak and teach with one voice—faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ and His Church. PF not so much.

  12. Of course, Fathers Pacwa and Spitzer speak the truth the are JESUITS. Perhaps you didn’t know they have a 500-year history of social and religious practice. Are you aware their seminaries here and at the Vatican are filled with waiting lists? They are properly trained priests where there is a long history. Not just some order with no real distinction who want to run a TV station, most of its product is pretty bad. Jesuits are not only true priests but have a long intellectual, and academic road to travel to become a priest. They attend real universities and seminaries. Say what you will, let Burke and his group of 3 scream all they want. This pope will not resign and just go away. He will be around a long time and contribute much to this church and the transformation it is undergoing. In spite of his age, he will make great changes and give the people who support the church what it needs and deserves. We have entered a new age and this is no longer a church of the graybeards. Thank God he is a Jesuit and knows how to make changes and give the supporters what they need and the ability to change the church to meet their needs. This is a church where they will find real truths not a church concerned with ancient vestments and liturgies. A church for our time, not a trip back to the dark ages. As I stated we support Fathers Spitzer, Pacwa and Bishop Barron and their wonderful programs. We can do so very well but, will not support them through this station. We will support them privately. They don’t need third party involvement to receive our money. Enjoy your Burkes and Arroyos, Burke has no right to offer edicts to fast or do anything else in the church. He should be deposed and defrocked immediately for his evil actions against the Papacy and Pope Francis in particular. This pope is too kind and will allow him to live his little life out as he will. The church is under no obligation to take anything Burke states seriously.

  13. Kitty.
    At 4:12 you coughed up a hairball that would choke most furry little creatures like yourself.

    Change the Church Kitty! Form it to fit the fashions of the day? Here’s one; “We have entered a new age and this is no longer a church of the graybeards.”

    You can do the Catholic Church a huge favor Kitty. Take everything Fr. John Hardon S.J. has written and start incorporating it into your life. He was a true priest dear Kitty. A true Jesuit. Not a homosexual predator or a Clown Mass aficionado wishing to change the Church into a new age Gia worshiping center.

    Kitty. This one is very hard to swallow;
    “This is a church where they will find real truths not a church concerned with ancient vestments and liturgies.”

    Real Truths?

    Are you a member of Joe Biden’s family?

    Kitty. If you can’t appreciate what the Holy Catholic Church is and teaches for over two thousand years than please put down your America magazine (SJ) and enroll yourself in a Faith formation class at Marytown in Libertyville IL. Learn about the role of the Pope. Learn about the numerous factions that were defeated by the power of prayer from grey bearded Holy men and Holy consecrated virgins who would rather die defending the Faith than let a handful of reprobates RIP it up and change it to their liking. Learn why we have survived this long.

    When you do learn, you will be ashamed at what you perceived to be good ideas as you expressed them above.

    You will be a member, in good standing, of the Holy Catholic Church that was founded by The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.
    Until then, your a protester. A Protestant thinking that she’s Catholic. A Biden / Pelosi catholic that disregards and disrespects the teachings of the Catholic Church but still approaching to receive Holy communion without remorse from holding views contrary to said teachings. Scandalous.

  14. On Monday Sept 16 at the EWTN televised Mass, we were scandalised that a priest, barely 2 years ordained, would dare to claim to know more than, and to publicly criticize, on an international TV network, our Pope Francis, chosen by the Holy Spirit to lead and guide the Church. God does not make mistakes. That is what Jesus meant when he says to Popes down the centuries “What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven”. What we call mistakes are, in fact, His Eternal Plan. Fr Matthew made it worse by trying to hide his disdain for the Pope with these words “I love him. I pray for him”. I am a 87 years old Religious priest, 67 years professed, so with that long experience I know what those words could mean, namely “Jesus said to love and pray for one’s enemies, so I love and pray for him.” The smirk on his face said it all. I will never again attend a TV Mass celebrated by your Fr Matthew, unless he is converted to the truth. In fact I may never again attend any EWTN Mass despite its superb singing. The generally very poor homilies (except for those of visitors) make that decision easy. The attitude of that young priest makes it absolutely necessary. He presented himself as some sort of intellectual heavyweight. To me he came across as a pseudo-intellectual with his selective definitions, dubious facts, faulty inferences and wrong conclusions. But all that is beside the point. No one, especially not a neophyte, should criticize Christ’s Vicar on earth in public. Until the Pope orders me to do something sinful, I will do as he says and think as he does. That’s the meaning of obedience. My anonymous donations to EWTN just ended.

  15. “chosen by the Holy Spirit”

    Chosen by the Conclave of 2013 rather. Here is what Pope Benedict said about the Holy Spirit choosing popes when he was Cardinal Ratzinger back in 1997:

    I would not say so, in the sense that the Holy Spirit picks out the Pope. … I would say that the Spirit does not exactly take control of the affair, but rather like a good educator, as it were, leaves us much space, much freedom, without entirely abandoning us. Thus the Spirit’s role should be understood in a much more elastic sense, not that he dictates the candidate for whom one must vote. Probably the only assurance he offers is that the thing cannot be totally ruined.

    There are too many contrary instances of popes the Holy Spirit obviously would not have picked!

  16. Al Clark.

    A prophet is understood as a mouthpiece of God, and from scripture, a false one is the one who claims to speak for God when God has not sent them [cf. Ezek 13:5-7], and since it can easily and readily be shown that Pope Francis is teaching what the Church has not taught before and claims this is from the Spirit [i.e. the Holy Spirit], ergo Pope Francis is a false prophet.
    False prophets biblical search:

    A commentor from 2016 wrote the above opinion. I’m grateful that he did. Is Pope Francis a mouthpiece from God? Are Pope Francis’s words, ideas and opinions private utterances?

    You wrote; “What we call mistakes are, in fact, His Eternal Plan.”

    Looks like a remnant Church is going to prepare for more false teachings.
    Fr. Matthew?
    He is newly married and fresh with orthodoxy given him by the bridegroom.
    Newly wed to Christ.
    Truth is not ambiguous Mr. Clark.
    The Holy Father needs a retreat to renew his vows to his bridegroom.
    My humble opinion sir.

  17. McClarey, Schreiber,Nachazel
    OK, not chosen by the Holy Spirit, chosen by Divine Providence. Why are you quibbling? The bottom line is that “God’s ways are not our ways”:
    “How unsearchable His judgements, how inscrutable His ways!”
    (Rom 11.33)
    Re Fr Z, I’ve stopped reading him.

  18. OK, not chosen by the Holy Spirit, chosen by Divine Providence.

    Your quarrel is with the Pope Emeritus. Actually I think Pope Francis may have been given to us by God as the Pope we deserve instead of the Pope we need, God help us all.

  19. Our belief that certain formal papal teachings are protected from error does not remotely translate into God chooses our popes. Only a person ignorant of logic, history and Church teaching would suggest such an amusing thing.

  20. Priest to seminarian; “Stop quibbling and bend over if you wish to finish what you started three years ago.” [ entrance into the seminary]

    Seminarian; “Are you giving me an ultimatum?”

    Priest; “You can call it that. Now pull your pants down.”

    Grotesque and rude I admit.
    But a cop out would be, “God’s ways are not our ways,” as a limp excuse to explain errors or abuses. Abusers must be called out.

    The Lavender Mafia and evil forces are at play folks.

    You should start reading Fr. Z again.

  21. Re: The Inscrutable Will of God

    “In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life,[a] and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

    We may not understand always the reason; but there always is a reason. Forget that and you slip into voluntarism and thence nominalism.

  22. “…we were scandalised that a priest, barely 2 years ordained…”


    Sounds like an ad hominem fallacy. And since when is truth dependent on one’s age, professional experience etc.?

  23. ” No one, especially not a neophyte, should criticize Christ’s Vicar on earth in public.” Ask St. Paul if he agrees. Since his disagreement is recorded in scripture it don’t get more public than that.

  24. Mike Petrik
    You may be right, Mike. Perhaps I am ignorant of logic, history and Church teaching. But on the last day God will not ask me about my knowledge of these things. He will ask about my Faith in His Infinite Power, my Trust in His Infallible Promises, and my love for you Mike. I expect an easy pass.

  25. If my brother placed himself in harm’s way do I have a duty an obligation, a brotherly love to warn him of the danger?

    If I choose to remain silent and risk my brothers wellbeing to fate, what love is that?

    Did I not have the intellect and wherewithal to act? To speak up? To reprove my brother as love would command that I do?

    Cardinal Burke and the brave clergymen who stood up for clarification sake did so out of love. Any other explanations are completely false and come from reasonings that pretend to be merciful but in reality is false mercy. ie The inability to separate the man from the office.

    Love is “I am who am.”

    May He help all of us home one day.

  26. “Perhaps I am ignorant of logic, history and Church teaching. But on the last day God will not ask me about my knowledge of these things. He will ask about my Faith in His Infinite Power, my Trust in His Infallible Promises, and my love for you Mike.”

    Of course that would imply some knowledge of the Church teaching of His Infinite Power, the value of His Infallible Promises and the priority of Charity (love). So now let’s move on to what else the Church has perennially taught.

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