No Mas, No Mas!

Please Democrats, I’m begging you, nominate Joe Biden.

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  1. Spanish is nice, No Mas No Mas, but for Joe and his future campaign slogan I’m thinking German;

    VerBiden fruit for America!

  2. Please God! Let them nominate Crazy Uncle Joe and one or two of the socialist maniacs could run “third-party.”

    All they had to do is nominate someone not a crazy person and they couldn’t.

  3. Democratic Party of today, witness donkey chasing tail:
    “The People will never elect one of our crazy socialists… we’ll loose the black vote without Joe….. if we lose the black vote to Trump we’re sunk forever… we’ll lose the moderates without Joe…. if we don’t go with Joe we’ll step off into crazy socialist oblivion… if Trump wins another four years we’ll loose the Millennial’s to what will be a continued great economy…. Joe is definitely not up to this…
    ….. The People will never… “

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