Rambo 5: Last Blood

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Rambo: First Blood
Sheriff Will Teasle: “Colonel Trautman I see you are here to save your boy, well it’s too late”
Col. Trautman: “I don’t think you understand. I didn’t come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him”

When the first Rambo film came out in 1982 I was 25 and had just graduated from law school.  Sylvester Stallone is now 73.  The Rambo movies always required a great suspension of disbelief.  Now they require an ocean of disbelief.  Time Mr. Stallone to make sure this is Last Blood, unless you wish to do  parodies, as occurred when the late DeForest Kelley appeared without his makeup:



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  1. Apparently this video is angering all the usual snowflakes. (language warning for the video)

    Thinking about this movie, I’m reminded of the King of the Hill episode where Cotton Hill, a WW2 vet is convinced to allow some vietnam vets to join the VFW. The episode that follows is hilarious (with shout-outs to Rambo) yet ultimately heartwarming. I can’t help but think that this film missed a similar opportunity with Rambo teaming up with a younger, Iraq vet and having an action movie also be about generations passing the torch. (Why don’t we seem to have new action stars rising up?)

    Oh and Don, did you see Escape Plan, the long awaited team up between Stallone and Arnold?

  2. Oh and Don, did you see Escape Plan, the long awaited team up between Stallone and Arnold

    No I have not. Arnold seems to have left his skills as an actor at the California Governor’s Mansion, along with much else.

  3. Stallone, along with, on occasion, Mel Gibson, is just about the only major star of the last 40 years whose films are pro-America, pro-masculinity, and pro-Christianity. This is most obvious, of course, with the Rocky series, where we often find the hero kneeling to pray, and whose behavior is consistently animated by an unusual degree of humility. Several of his other films center around similar characters(Over the Top, Lockup, etc.) Even his more violent films-the Rambo series, Cobra, Cliffhanger-present masculinity in a more-or-less positive manner….he’s never the one who initiates the conflict. In a world that made any iota of sense….in a world where the writers, artists, critics, etc. reflected the way that actual human beings think and feel, Stallone would be on the Mt. Rushmore of American cinema. Alas, they don’t, so he’s a pariah. His career is so completely dominated by Western Culture and its’ ethos…centering on the value of the individual, and the power of a man’s will, and the beauty of our Judeo-Christian heritage. And all that imagery….the powerful physique, the Americana, all those guns, flags, and crosses….it’s really no wonder they hate him so much. And their hatred should, by rights, be his ultimate badge of honor.

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