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Father Z looks at the Restrainer who holds the AntiChrist in check until his time comes round:


There are lots of theories about The Restrainer.  Some thought that it was the Roman Emperor.  Some think it is “the Church” in general.  Some think that it is the hand of God, the Holy Spirit.  Luther thought the Pope was the Antichrist and that the Church is the Whore of Babylon.  This became an article of faith for Protestants.  Hence, the mystery of iniquity unleashed was the Jesuits… maybe they were onto something.  Remember that Protestantism is founded on attacks on the priesthood and the Mass.  Remember that Protestants thought the Pope was the Antichrist because he arrogated to himself nearly divine authority over souls, commanding them to worship bread in idolatry.  Interestingly enough, some Jesuits today diminish transubstantiation and say that there is no Hell and promote homosexualism.  Where is the ecclesiastical “restrainer” who restrains them?

A great Pauline theologian, Prat, suggests that the Restrainer is St. Michael the Archangel.  Look at Daniel 12 on the time of distress or tribulation followed by resurrection.  Michael figures big time.  In Revelation Michael fights the ancient serpent.

Ponder, please, the fact that at a pivotal moment, on the cusp of societal upheaval, 1964, the obligation to recite after Mass the Leonine Prayers, with the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, was removed. Removed? Nay, they were, rather, suppressed! Coincidence?  1965, first new Missal.  Whether the Leonine Prayers were, at different moments, prayed for different intentions (for the Papal States or prerogatives of the Church v state, for conversion of Russia) is not really that important.    From 1884 onward, St. Michael was invoked.  Exactly 100 years later, Quattuor abhinc annos was issued.

For a key century, from about the time of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, we had, in conjunction with Low Mass, the Prayer to St. Michael, concerning restraint of the Enemy.

In the medieval period there were speculations that the “False Prophet” of the End Times, was Mohammed, and therefore, Islam. Since I’ve gone this far, note that big problems started in places like Lebanon in about 1975, a few years after the imposition of the Novus Ordo (yes, that’s Maronite region).

I’m making some thin connections.  I know. But lots of leaves in the wind make patterns. Lots of birds on the wing make murmurations.  Both reveal patterns. Liturgy Science Theatre 3000, indeed!

What sorts of things have risen since the brutal imposition of an artificially created rite of Mass in the name (not the mandate) of the Council?  In the West, lawlessness and perversity, the exaltation of man at the expense of the divine, a massive falling away of the faithful.  In the East, the rise of radical Islam.  I’m just sayin’.

Go here to read the rest. Interesting times.  PopeWatch has always thought that it is the sacrifice of the Mass that keeps the AntiChrist at bay.  As belief in that sacrifice wains, the day of the AntiChrist draws closer.

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  1. I just this last weekend attended a Mass on liberal Cape Cod wherein the congregation whooped it up, clapping loudly to the jazzy piano playing the “Negro” spiritual, “Let it Shine.” A brisk applause and laughter followed…and then the Mass continued without a single “Negro” present in the entire Church. Sigh,

  2. Did they have big telescreens on which to project the lyrics in case you wanted to sing the song, but didn’t know the words? I was at a parish like that once.

    Naturally the screen wad left blank during the readings.

  3. Seems like this could be a point of unification for both sides then. One believes Francis the antichrist, another believes it to be Trump, let them both come together to perform the required Mass and see if either figure is driven away. Or even just to prevent something worse.

  4. The smoke of Satan has wafted far and wide from Rome to our hometowns.

    Yesterday we started the Novena to the Holy Guardian Angels. September 23rd to Oct.1st;

    Oh all ye Holy Angels, who contemplate unceasingly the uncreated beauty of the Divinity, in company with our ever-glorious Queen, we present and offer to thee this novena not only as a means of obtaining favors [ state your intentions
    here] but also as a reparation for our past ingratitude, and that of all men. Deign to accept it, O amiable Spirits in Union with the love and devotion of such Saints as we’re especially devout to thee, and obtain for us the grace to spend this life fervently that it may be the commencement of that blessed life which we hope to live forever with thee in Heaven. O God, who with wonderful order has regulated the functions of Angel’s and men, grant that those who always assist before Thy throne in Heaven may defend our lives here on Earth through Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God World Without End Amen.

    ( I’m not aware of the authors name.)

    I pass this along because we can never get enough help in this battle surrounding us. Also, we can never thank our Guardian Angels enough while here on earth. The unseen struggle and battle for our souls is a constant one.

    Frequent the Holy Sacraments of Confession and worthy Communion.
    That, with our daily rosaries and Holy Hours, we will finish this race and hopefully help aid a few souls along the way.


  5. I’m not sure where we are on the ‘end times’ timeline but I would have to be blind if I did not see what is happening today in terms of society being turned on its head and not sense a change coming, good or bad. We have a president that should not be according to secular opinons yet here we are. He’s not cut from the same cloth as a politician, he does not diplo-speak just to be nice, he hits back harder when hit and doesn’t not seem to care one whit what others say, for he seems to be on a mission, a mission that involves not only this nation but all nations. Nothing of the sort has been seen in our time when it comes to a leader of the United States. No matter what may be said, the USA IS the model and the strength that other nations try to emulate.

    In contrast, we have a pope who seems to have his own mission for the Church. He leaves many of the his bishops confused and contradicting themselves, the devoutly faithful he seems to demean as rabbits on viagra, rigid in their faith, not willing to be surprised ‘by the spirit’, having a main mission of being the stewards of the planet at the expense of a full complement of defense for the unborn etc…

    We have a president that defends the unborn or at least seems to care for the unborn more than our own shepherds do over and above the environment. He just defended the religious freedom at the UN. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that and not meant just for Islam.

    National and religious leaders do play a part in God’s plan for us such a Cyrus the king of Persia and Moses did in the past. We’ve had major changes in the last ten years even and it is quickly changing again….almost as though the days have been shortened…things are moving fast.

    Oh, and don’t worry about the Earth. God has already spoken on it’s demise by his own hand and has promised a new Earth. All without our help.

  6. Coming from an apostate, I mean Protestant background, I’m not easily impressed by claims that “the end is near.” That kind of thinking is literally a dime a dozen. From Jack VanImpe, who’s said the word is ending in the current year for the last 40 years, to the anti-, Catholic “Left Behind” series, this nonsense chokes the shelves of any and all “Christian bookstore.” Well, as the Book says, no one knows the day or hour. Focus on raising godly families in a godless society and stop speculating on something we can’t know anyways.

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