Of Fanatics and Bees

Fanatic,n.One who overestimates the importance of convictions and undervalues the comfort of an existence free from the impact of addled eggs and deadcats upon the human periphery.

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary



Fanatics rarely appreciate humor, and most of the political fanaticism these days rests firmly on the port side of our politics.  Humor is damaging to fanatics as it reminds us of human absurdities and weaknesses, and fanatics will confess to neither in themselves.  Thus The Babylon Bee comes under attack as fake news,  which is rather like attacking water for being H2O.  The real sin of The Bee is making fanatics feel silly.  Long may The Bee buzz the pompous precincts of the Internet!


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  1. Organizations that are rooted Left are radically desperate these days. Afraid of the truth and it’s ability to erode the flimsy foundations of liberal think, they stoop to gutter lows as referenced above in “toons.”

    The full court press is on.

    Think like us or become censored.

    What of the Onion?

    I doubt Snopes has been critical to their line of parody.

    I wonder why?
    ( sarcasm alert )

  2. Snopes correction:
    CNN purchased an industrial sized washing machine to spin the news before publication: False. CNN spins all their news by hand.

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