Yes, We Will Save You !

The “Peak Oil” crisis, fomented by socialists and other totalitarians, cratered and now today America is energy independent and there will be more than enough fossil fuels for all our great-great grandchildren. The so-called “Population Bomb” that was going to blow up the world as we knew it  fizzled and turned out to be a dud.  After the  totalitarians discovered the  global cooling crisis, it did not get cold enough; and following the predictions of the  global warming apocalypse, it did not get hot enough.

End Of Crises? End Of Power Lust ?

To quote Roseann Rosannadanna, do you think the totalitarians simply shrugged and said,  “Never mind”?  What’s a good  totalitarian to do ? Throw in the towel and forsake power? If you think the answer is “Yes,” you do not know what drives these people:

The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. (George Orwell, 1984)

Truth? Reality ? We – Godlike -Make Reality, Over And Over.

You can delete a previous article on this subject  from this site – Save Us, Saviors Of The World.  This, below,  is how The Party will now re-do reality.

Attention! Attention!

We are not at war with China, We have never been at war with China.

Newsflash! Newsflash!

Today The Times, ideal of unbiased journalism and the search for truth no matter where it leads,  has reported that 3 amazing  scientists, who have been researching climate going back many centuries, have discovered that climate will change and  the world will end soon, unless we act. Their computerized analyses used in conjunction with a revolutionary new algorithm, 2+2 =5, have  served as the basis for their worldwide alarm: Climate changes and will change! Climate will change in the next 5 years unless The Party acts to save us all.

You will joyfully join with The Party  in making  sacrifices that save us, save our earth and our way of life. Childish, selfish exercises of individual freedom will ultimately result in slavery,  and personal liberty, unchecked, will result in the climate changing, uncontrollably.

Ministry Of Climate Care

To deal with this climate change emergency, the Party has formed  a new Ministry Of Climate Care which will implement the Party’s solution to the crisis once it is known.  All  patriots will welcome  the Party’s temporary supervision of a few aspects of some citizens’ daily lives; such as

entertainment, energy production and consumption, farming, food production and dissemination, media, manufacturing, labor, transportation, education, healthcare, the economy, financial  institutions,  markets, housing,  waste management, and bodily protein reprocessing.

The new Ministry will ensure that everyone takes their personal vehicles for temporary storage in a Party facility. No citizen, other than Party members working on the crisis, will travel by airplane or bus. Central controllers will set and maintain thermostats nationwide.

Generous  Party members who will work in the Climate Care Ministry may, even to their personal embarrassment, be required  for some time to use old and now-outlawed vehicles and planes, but these will be necessary to their life-saving, earth-saving work.

Climate Change Heretics

97 researchers who denied there is a climate crisis have been found guilty of thoughtcrime and scientific heresy. They  were taken from the Ministry of Climate Care by the Thoughtpolice to the Ministry of Love. These change deniers did not respond to truth treatments, and persisted in their dogmatic adherence to the 2+2=4 algorithm. For their crimes and their heresies they will be publicly executed in the near future.


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  1. How to make a crisis.

    Take a single variable and extrapolate an increase or decrease to inanity.
    This ignores the world is a multivariate system and changing on variable changes others. Changing the others prevents an infinite extrapolation. Be dramatic in explanation.

    The classical example.

    In the 1800’s for every human in city there had to be four horses to haul food and other things in, and to haul out waste and other things.

    A horse produced 10 pounds of manure a day, which was one of things hauled out.

    Given the projected increase of people and thus horses it was predicted that by 1950 it would be impossible to haul out the manure. Cities would collapse in a pile of manure.

    Of course, many things changed, i.e. cars, and this never happened.

    The moral is when some is trying to sell you something based on the extrapolation of a single variable, they are selling you a bunch of horse manure.

  2. I agree with much that you wrote, Dr. McClung, and I completely disagree with the hysteria over climate change from burning fossil fuels. That said, continued burning at the current rate will have unintended and unforeseen consequences on the environment, none of which will be beneficial to mankind. Thus, I advocate nuclear energy, a source of power production having the lowest mortality rate per terawatt hour of any other:

    I have been around and around and around the circle with environmentalists who believe in climate change like a religion but who simultaneously oppose nuclear. The fear of radiation – horse manure – I was in a 65 foot long sealed metal tube yards away from a live nuclear reactor submerged 800 ft below the surface for months at a time and I still live, breathe, pee and poop. The fear of spent fuel – more excrement – that’s fuel for fast neutron burner reactors; don;t need any stinking Yucca Mountain repository. Chernobyl – more ignorance – a mad weapons breeder communist design never license-able in the west; graphite moderated, light water cooled, positive void co-efficient of reactivity – the Soviets challenged God’s Laws of Physics and lost. Fukushima – ZERO deaths in the public, ZERO injuries; ten fatalities total, all from industrial safety accidents.

    Nuclear – safe, clean with abundance thorium and uranium reserves to last many tens of thousands of years, and NO carbon pollution. The trouble is – you gotta follow regulation. You gotta pay attention to detail. And you can’t do dumb idiot things that challenge God’s Laws of Physics – like the Japanese who put the emergency diesel generators right on the beach where a tsunami from an earthquake could flood the air intakes and blackout emergency electricity for the governors of the reactor core isolation cooling pump turbines providing decay heat removal after a reactor shutdown. Do dumb idiot things and challenge God – you’ll lose very time. But if you operate in the constraints of God’s Physical Laws, then nuclear is perfectly safe – safer than hydro, oil, coal, gas, solar and wind.

    So yes, what you write, Dr. McClung, is correct on face value, but there’s still a better way – a way that has a lower mortality rate by more than a factor of 10, sometimes on energy source by a factor of 100 or more.

  3. Safe, clean … reserves to last … and NO carbon pollution.

    Yeah man, but whattabout the China Syndrome man. That stuff melts down, and it’ll go straight through the earth man. And when it reaches the other side, it’ll melt back through the other way! Factor in the rotation of the planet, and in like, I dunno, twelve years maybe, the entire planet’ll be swiss cheese man. You can’t live on swiss cheese! And even if you could, the oceans’ll boil away. And then it’s game over man, game over!

    So who am I gonna believe? A so called “professional” and “expert” who probably sold his soul to an evil Gaia hating corporation for filthy lucre, or Jane Fonda?

    Jane Fonda was hawt.

    (And gamma rays turn you green. Duh. Everybody knows that.)

  4. As you we used to say in the production programming dept. at Chrysler that our forecasts are nothing but numbers on a piece of paper–but were taken as gospel,. Our real business was providing security and certainty to top management when, of course, there was none.

  5. One factor in our present energy independence is the fracking for natural gas. This has changed towns in northeast PA from depressed to prosperous. But at the same time, nuclear power is on the wane. Three Mile Island has been shut down; I’m not sure why. And there’s talk of the local nuclear plant (30 miles away in northeast PA) closing one of its towers. Maybe we should require a science literacy test for politicians (and voters?).

  6. Marvelous commentary, thanks. Completely agree, especially about the ultimate necessity of nuclear energy.

    But it was Emily Litella, not Roseanne Rosannadanna. :))

  7. @Bob Kurland,

    Competition with currently cheap natural gas is adversely affecting the economics of nuclear. That’s why TMI, IPEC, VY, Pilgrim, etc. are shutting down or will shut down. This phenomenon of cheap is only temporary. As soon as we convert a majority of electric generation to methane and then simultaneously get a bad winter requiring methane demand for residential heating, all this will change.

    As for a local nuke closing one of its towers, I am not sure what you mean. Cooling towers are normally the heat for the condenser circulating water system, whether the plant is nuclear, coal, oil or a heat recovery steam generator gas turbine plant. How can a cooling tower be shut down and the plant’s turbine generator still be run? Does not compute. But these are the kinds of comments I get from people who don’t know power plants in general or nuclear in particular. They got no idea what a cooling tower is used for. It’s difficult to describe the heat cycles of a BWR and a PWR here. Takes too much effort. Too time consuming.

    So, what do you mean – cooling tower shutdown?

  8. Frank-Thank you. It’s my oldheimers-I was just watching both Emily and Roseanne, and got it wrong! You must admit, the dems do “never mind” so well, again and again, in some ways better than Emily, whenever the truth blocks their paths. Guy, Texas

    ps-hard to beleive there was a time when SNL was funny and not brainwashing

  9. To quote Roseann Rosannadanna, do you think the totalitarians simply shrugged and said, “Never mind”? What’s a good totalitarian to do ? Throw in the towel and forsake power? If you think the answer is “Yes,” you do not know what drives these people:

    “Never mind” was Emily Litella’s signature line. Roseanne Rosannadanna’s was ‘you’re makin’ me sick’.

    What Calvin Coolidge said, “You see ten problems rolling down the road at you, nine of them will roll into the ditch before they get to you”. The trick is discerning what the 10th problem is. Two wagers: (1) China and (2) biotechnology.

  10. When SNL started it was a cast of and writers made up of our generation and as we slowly handed the torch to the following generation more and more of the education indoctrination could be seen through the younger cast member and their writers. Hence the comedy left with our generation and bias politics reigned and still reigns.

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