PopeWatch: Culture of Insults

Pope Francis is against insults. No, really.  Stop laughing! :

Social media fosters a “culture of insults,” Pope Francis has told Sunday Pentecost churchgoers in Rome. In Berlin, Protestant bishop Markus Droge warned against propagators of lies intent on “undermining” democracy.

In his homily in front of tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis lamented that “the more we use social media, the less social we are becoming.”

“Nowadays it is fashionable to hurl adjectives and, sadly, even insults,” said the Roman Catholic pontiff, pleading instead that people respond to “malice with goodness.”

Go here to read the rest.  Presumably the Pope does not view the statements he has made, collected by The Pope Francis Bumper Book of Insults, as insults.  Go here and judge for yourselves.

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.



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  1. David WS.

    He understands perfectly.

    He is Capo Crimini and all Don’s have great difficulty with criticism.
    [ Don’s, relating to Mafia Don’s of course. ]

  2. I’m guessing that in his ongoing battle against clericalism, he doesn’t think of the clergy as people.

    Which is a kind of clericalism.

    It’s also very human in that ordinary do as I say and not as I do kind of way.

    And it’s kind of good advice.

  3. “Social media fosters a “culture of insults,” Pope Francis has told Sunday Pentecost churchgoers in Rome.”
    Am I to assume that the Pope is a heavy user of FB?

  4. The thing is, he doesn’t understand that he insults people. Just another indication how far removed he is from reality–especially when it comes to the teaching of the Faith.

    Obviously, PF has issues.

  5. Calling nuns ,Old Maid, and what is a Old Maid?Encourage dialogue ,and ignore those who demand explanation on his book Amoris…..Call rigid on our faithful priests.It look like he want to eraise 2,000 years of catholic church teaching and replace it by his views and opinions.Dear pope Francis read your bible, i hoped you have a catholic one.

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