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The Democrats are rousing a whirlwind against them in 2020 and most of them have no clue as to what they are doing.  Personally, although I like Trump’s policies, I am still ambivalent about him.  However, the Democrats have made certain that my ambivalence will not play a role in my support for Trump next year.  Their idiocy raises political malpractice to an art form.


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  1. Not sure what they fancy they’re up to. One part of this is tossing a bone at the fanatics in their caucus and in their voting public. Another part is a series of shady publicity stunts. The latest it’s a reasonable wager was orchestrated by the sociopathic Adam Schiff with the aid of that lawyer Bakaj and someone in the DNI’s office, as well as the straw complainer (who may be one Michael Barry). They’re running on fumes with this stuff. An alternative explanation has been that they’re anticipating something quite ugly from multiple investigations being conducted in the Justice Department and need a diversion.

  2. Supposedly, the DNC may have sent their server to the Ukrane for investigation.

    You know, that server that they’ve refused to turn over for investigation….

    Guessing they really don’t want it found.

  3. Impeachment?

    1974 Billy Preston sums it up best;
    Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’
    You gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with me
    Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’
    You gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with me…

    Somethin’ for Uncle Joe perhaps.

  4. IF there’s a political calculation here that shows a net electoral benefit to the Democrats, I believe it has to be this:

    Impeachment is the only thing they have to run on. Can’t run against the economy, they’ve shot their credibility on health care reform, Americans like their guns, Open Borders is only useful as a race card cudgel to best Trump with. So impeachment it is.

    Fighting the 2020 campaign on impeachment is fighting on their turf, not Trump’s.

    Tying up the Trump administration in impeachment investigations keeps Trump from wearing us all out with winning.

    Impeaching Trump knowing full well that the Senate won’t convict lets the Democrats run against a corrupt Republican Senate protecting an even more corrupt (and probably illegitimate) President.

    An ugly, drawn out fight over impeachment depresses the mushy, can’t well all just get along? middle. A battle between the bases is either even or to their advantage.

    The Democrat base advantage lies in the fact that their base is united, while the Republican base can be split. The Republican base will be split if the Democrats and their media shock troops repeat corrupt Senate/corrupt-illegitimate President loudly and often enough to stampede enough of those 30+ [?] GOP swamp creatures that Mitt Romney surrogate was talking about into opposing Trump’s reelection and/or supporting removing Trump from office.

    History suggests it might work. Republicans tried to save themselves once before by throwing an embattled President under the bus. Republicans can be separated from the herd by appealing to their vanity (See McCain, John).

    In short, the Democrats are entirely motivated by a desire for power, and they don’t give a damn about the damage they have done and continue to do to the civil fabric of our nation. And sadly, entirely too many Republicans are motivated by a desire for prestige to be effective in standing against them.

    It’s not much of a plan, but it’s better than sitting around for another year hoping for a recession.

  5. I made this comment yesterday on Maureen Dowd’s column in the N.Y. Times.

    Michael Dowd | Venice, Florida
    As a beginning-to-end Trump supporter I regard the Trump Impeachment Gimmick as a desperate last ditch political maneuver guaranteed to give us four more years of Trumpian utopia. I have no idea what possessed the Democrats to gift President Trump in this way. Perhaps it is because Trumpian hate has driven them crazy and they now have a death wish.

  6. Ernst, I doubt if there is even that much calculation behind it. Since 2016 the Democrats have painted Trump as an illegitimate President and a would be dictator. The dominant Left wing faction in the party believes this and they were always going to impeach Trump on some pretext. At this point Pelosi has made the calculation that this can’t be stopped, and she is along for the ride. She may indeed have already made the private calculation that Trump is going to win re-election in any case, so stalling on impeachment in order to prevent that is a fool’s game, and not worth the splitting of the Democrats in the House. If Biden were stronger I think we wouldn’t be seeing this but most Democrat strategists view him as a dead man walking politically, and Warren is the odds on favorite for the nomination. More than a few Democrat big money donors have already said that if it is Warren, with her embrace of all things socialist, they are sitting 2020 out.

    Trump now gets to run against socialism, the manifestly fake, on so many grounds, Warren and a do nothing Congress. Trump the Lucky is likely how I will remember him.

  7. “Democrats have painted Trump as an illegitimate President and a would be dictator. ”

    Hmmm I thought the first things a dictator does is to disarm the people and take over all newspapers, establish a state run TV and radio communications. Trump must have slipped that by me when i wasn’t looking.

  8. Much keen political insight here, but you are missing the obvious, the democrats want to have president Pence. He’s much more aligned with their values.

  9. Actually Trump is closer to the Democrat political values than Pence. In any case the Democrats know that Trump will not be removed. Basic math is not beyond them and they know they will never get a two-thirds vote for removal in the Senate.

  10. Republicans tried to save themselves once before by throwing an embattled President under the bus. Republicans can be separated from the herd by appealing to their vanity (See McCain, John)

    Nixon had a series of petty criminal operators working for him and didn’t have many excuses. My wager about Barack Obama is that he was better at keeping his transactions with others off the books, had completely suborned the Department of Justice, and had a lickspittle media, so he won’t be held to account for similar bad behavior. A healthy political society expels creatures who do these things. We’re not as healthy as we once were.

    The behavior of the Democratic caucus during the Kavanaugh imbroglio demonstrated that there is no place for detached and professional inquiries in the Democratic Party at this time. The next time I encounter a partisan Democrat who says in blunt terms that the whole mess was an embarrassment will be the first. (A number of the NeverTrump residue revealed themselves to be capons. Not that they matter even when they aren’t).

  11. He’s much more aligned with their values.

    I think you mean he’s more what they’re use to fighting?

    Because dang, dude, he ain’t aligned with the crazy-Dems at all, Trump is able to screw with them BECAUSE they’re so use to being able to either have folks in lock-step or totally destroy him. Attempting total destruction on Trump means they do a lot more friendly fire than even they usually manage.

  12. Trump has never met a large spending bill that he didn’t like, he is protectionist when it comes to foreign trade and he is an isolationist at heart. In some ways Trump remains a New York liberal Democrat. I support him because where it matters most to me, Pro-Life and Judges, he has delivered. Trump has remained true to his pro-life pledge and that matters most to me. Also, Trump is willing to fight the Democrats, and too many Republicans in Washington specialize in pre-emptive surrender to the Left.

  13. Call me a simple thinker, but I’d like to see that we have evidence that Trump did something impeachable other than win the 2016 election. So far I see he made a phone call that his critics say broke the law somehow but that the Ukrainian president says didn’t. I’m also seeing people say there could have been cover up, but we don’t know if there was, much less if it was done at Trump’s orders. In the olden days, that would be hell and gone from being enough to even think of impeaching, much less do so.

  14. I see it this way: As a life-long Indy native, I am a Colts fan. Thus, my arch-nemesis is the evil New England Patriots.

    Donald Trump is like the New York Jets (success record notwithstanding.) I couldn’t care less about the New York Jets; I did buy white cleats after Broadway Joe did but I was 12. Other than that, meh.

    So watching Donald Trump eviscerate the People’s Social Democratic Party is like watching the New York Jets pummel the evil New England Patriots. It ain’t so much who’s winning as it is who’s losing; the more that Godless ideology gets its very reason for existing crushed and rent, the happier I am, and the louder I will cheer for . . . whoever.

  15. Pro-Life and Judges, Amen! We need to keep praying for Trump and Pence (and their families) because if they lose in 2020 it’s going to be anarchy and I don’t think I’m being dramatic. The Left are ruthless, without conscience, godless.
    Dishonesty, corruption is everywhere in our US government, in our Church and in our media. The latter is most powerful. Today many cultural, moral taboos are accepted if one listens to the media.

  16. So far I see he made a phone call that his critics say broke the law somehow but that the Ukrainian president says didn’t.

    The argument is that this constituted soliciting a campaign contribution, “something of value”, which is lunacy. The idea that this tripe is brought by a CIA agent based on hearsay is solid support for Trump’s contention that the Deep State is out to get him. Let’s ponder that. We now have members of intelligence agencies using their access to directly intervene in the political process. That is far more damning than anything Trump has ever done or said. From this time forward we will have Presidents rightly fearing that members of the civil service are secretly spies for the opposition party. That is the truly alarming part of this bad charade.

    “that Trump did something impeachable other than win the 2016 election.”

    Bingo. In the eyes of most contemporary Democrats all opposition to them is de facto illegitimate and must be criminalized.

  17. Just idly wondering here if Trump could declare that the permanent bureaucracy was in a state of insurrection against the government and summon 90 day volunteer militiamen to help restore order by arresting half of Washington D.C.?

  18. ” because if they lose in 2020 it’s going to be anarchy and I don’t think I’m being dramatic.”

    You’re not being dramatic. If the dems regain power they will move very quickly in reversing everything Trump has done and they will also go so far beyond his enactments in such a way as to make it near impossible for this country to find its way again. The Republicans will never be able to be a majority party again after the Dems erect every obstacle they can get away with while in office in order to keep the Republicans at bay and impotent. The Republic will have been mortally wounded. A Democrat victory will be the death knell.

  19. On the Intelligence Community side of things, if I were advising Trump my advice would be to restructure the entire thing so that it all flowed to and through the Defense Intelligence Agency on the theory that the Uniform Code of Military Justice is a better check on partisan political chicanery than anything the civilian agencies have going.

  20. “The argument is that this constituted soliciting a campaign contribution, “something of value”,”
    I’m no expert, but that’s stupid.

    “my arch-nemesis is the evil New England Patriots.”
    The New England Patriots is everyone’s arch-nemesis. I have it on good authority that half of the Patriots fans also think so.
    Otherwise, I agree. I didn’t vote for Trump but the Left is giving me little other choice but vote for a man I’d rather saw off an arm than vote for, or watch them storm over everything the last 2000 years labored to build.

    “A Democrat victory will be the death knell.”
    I agree with Lindsey Graham (one of the few times): God help us if they get in power.

  21. A few days ago a commentor mentioned that this impeachment hogwash could
    accomplish one objective. Knock off Biden, due to his blatant nepotism deal with Hunter,
    which would create an easier pathway for native 1/1024th to get the nod.

    Trump will gain even more support once this current witch hunt looses its luster.

    Desperation seems to be the favorite cuisine for the dinners at Pelosi’s Roadkill cafe.’ DNC discounts keeps them coming back, or maybe it’s an acquired taste?

  22. “Impeachment Is What Vladimir Putin Wants” WSJ article 9/26/19 signed by Michael McCaul (R- TX), ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Comm, and 18 other Republican members of the committee. Good article. The gist is that support for Ukraine has always been bipartisan. Now Russia seeks to undermine it and to divide Americans. The author says that we should be focusing on fighting Putin’s malign influence around the world, on combatting Russian influence in the 2020 election, and on helping our partner Ukraine defend itself against further Russian aggression.
    Rep.McCaul states that the committee chairman, NY Rep Eliot Engel’s leadership has always reflected his statement that politics stops on the water’s edge. McCaul and the other signers hope that Pelosi won’t drag the committee into a partisan squabble on the world stage which would be damaging.

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