The Heroes of Antifa

Moses : You know it is death to strike an Egyptian?

Joshua : I know it.

Moses : Yet you struck him. Why?

Joshua : To save the old woman.

Moses : What is she to you?

Joshua : An old woman.

Screenplay, The Ten Commandments (1956)






It takes a lot of raw courage to stand up to an elderly woman pushing a walker.


A new video from Canada shows left-wing anti-fascist (Antifa) activists harassing an elderly couple and refusing to let them cross the street.

The video, taken during a protest at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada, shows an elderly woman with a walker and a man trying to cross the street. The Antifa activists stand in their way and continue to shout their slogans, including “Nazi scum, off our street.”

The Antifa were present to protest an event at the college being held by YouTube personality Dave Rubin and Canadian politician Maxime Bernier, according to the CBC.

Journalist Andy Ngo documented instances of violence at the protests on his Twitter page over the weekend.


Go here to read the rest.  Mark Shea, judging from an earlier twitter post, go here to look at it, would no doubt say the old lady had it coming.  When you are wearing masks and berating old women in the streets, you just might be the baddies.



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  1. I don’t know what’s worse. The video of the cowards assailing an elderly woman, or Mark’s continued ‘it’s impossible for any leftist to be anything but good, unless evil conservatives with white skin make them do bad’. But then, when Democrat Brian Sims browbeat the old woman praying at an abortion clinic, I remember all Mark said was variations on ‘way to make Trump look good!’, as opposed to actually focus on blasting him for verbally browbeating an elderly woman. So there you go.

  2. I look at stuff like this and think that it’s time we defend ourselves because the police apparently won’t or can’t. But that’s the way of civil war and none of us wants that. On the other hand, if I see Rabiosi Filii Canis (translate the Latin if you can) attacking an older woman, then I hope that I have the courage to stand up and fight back to defend the defenseless even if it means I get knocked on my fat behind and beaten or killed. I am really very angry about this and think it’s time we all avail ourselves of our Second Amendment right. No, I do NOT advocate the initiation of force. NEVER. But what these Animala Edacissima are doing is going too far and the only thing these cowards understand and respect is overwhelming unremitting force. Yes, I wish I were wrong. I wish the Gandhi way would work. But these people are Lupi Voraces.

    PS, apologies to dogs, wolves and animals for using you as comparisons.

  3. Taking an interest in Mark Shea’s rantings and ravings is one of the classic blunders, like getting into a land war in Asia, or going up against a Sicillian when death is on the line.

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