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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

KENT, OH—While speaking at Kent State University, Beto O’Rourke—who is allegedly running for president—cited Nazi firing squads as grounds for taking guns away from private citizens.

“These Nazis used guns to shoot their victims, so it’s clear that we need to ban private citizens from owning guns,” Beto said in a speech. “Only Nazi sympathizers see the need for private gun ownership.”

O’Rourke pointed out that Nazis used guns, just like citizens who have guns for self-defense or hunting. In an impassioned speech, he hammered home all the similarities between guns American citizens use and guns Nazis used. “They both fire bullets. They both have one of those trigger pully things. And they both shout ‘White Supremacy!’ when fired.”

Beto then held up a Venn diagram showing a circle of Nazis on one side and a circle of American gun owners on the other side. Both overlapped in an area marked “GUNS.” The sign appeared to be drawn in crayons by Beto himself.

Go here to read the rest.  I believe that the chief writer of The Bee has to be named Sophia Reality.  Go here to read about “Beto’s” actual argument at Kent State as to why we can always trust an armed government.  Of course the Kent State shootings by members of the the Ohio National Guard occurred two years before he was born and, as Robert Francis  O’Rourke constantly demonstrates, if something happened before he was born, it is news to him.


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  1. [O’Rourke’s plan to take guns out of private citizens’ hands would not have prevented the Kent State massacre. But it would create lots of new opportunities for agents of the state to point guns at Americans who aren’t a threat to anyone.]

    -from the link provided.

    As the graduation cap states, Come and take it.

  2. Regarding the Kent State U shootings wasn’t it determined recently that evidence showed that it was not the National Guard who shot first?

  3. There were allegations at the time that a sniper had fired first on the troops, but no evidence, as far as I know, was ever brought forward to substantiate this. There was however a great deal of rock throwing at the troops, and a few I think simply snapped under the pressure. They had received little training in crowd control and were not equipped to do so effectively.

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