Politics Stripped to its Essence

Hattip to Dale Price.

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  1. Ooh, look! It’s Robin Hood stealing from the rich to feed the poor and needy! Isn’t he wonderful?

  2. Well, I’ve always suspected that if the good people of Nottinghamshire had known how much Robin and his merry men kept for themselves, they’d have turned him in to the Sheriff.

  3. The walk looks familiar, but I just can’t place which representative it is. Now if had been a weasel stealing food, I’d know who it is.

  4. What’s the real reason Robin Hood stole from the rich?

    The poor didn’t have anything worth stealing. [Sarcastic Grin]

  5. Politics are essentially coercion and deceit – Orwell

    New on the KFC menu, The Pelosi Special – Two left wings and a bowl of chicken excrement.

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