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Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register discusses one group opposing the working instrument for the Amazon Synod:


VATICAN CITY — A group of bishops, priests and Catholic faithful from around the world, who wish to remain nameless because of what they call a “climate of intimidation” in the Church, have signed four propositions critical of the Amazon synod’s working document and addressed them to Pope Francis and synod fathers.

Using what it calls a “classical method,” the group, which calls itself the Coetus Internationalis Patrum Working Group (International Group of Fathers), lists four theses in the synod’s working document as “unacceptable” and contrasts them with the Church’s perennial teaching. 

The group, named after the most influential interest group at the Second Vatican Council which submitted numerous amendments to conciliar documents in a bid to uphold tradition, sent the Register and other Catholic media outlets a copy of the propositions. 

The group stresses that although “numerous” bishops, priests and laity share the concerns, no names will be revealed “because of the growing climate of intimidation and purges present in the Roman Curia and in the Church in general.”

The synod working document, widely criticized since its publication in June, will form the basis of the discussions for the Oct. 6-27 Synod, whose theme is “New paths for the Church and for integral theology.”

The Coetus Internationalis Patrum group begins by stating that the working document, also called an instrumentum laboris, “raises serious questions and very grave reservations because of its contradiction of individual points of Catholic doctrine which have always been taught by the Church, as well as its contradiction of faith in Jesus Christ, the One Savior of all mankind.”



Below is the full text of the Coetus Internationalis Patrum document:

To the Pope and the Synod Fathers:

We, numerous bishops, priests, and Catholic faithful from all over the world, hereby affirm that the Instrumentum Laboris prepared for the coming Synodal assembly raises serious questions and very grave reservations, because of its contradiction of individual points of Catholic doctrine which have always been taught by the Church, as well as its contradiction of faith in Jesus Christ, the One Savior of all mankind. We have drawn up, following the classical method, four propositions in the form of “theses” summarizing the main points of the Instrumentum Laboris. In conscience and with great frankness, we affirm that the teaching of these theses is unacceptable.


1. Amazonian diversity, which is above all religious diversity, evokes a new Pentecost (IL 30): respect for this diversity means to recognize that there are other paths to salvation, without reserving salvation exclusively to the Catholic faith. Non-Catholic Christian groups teach other modalities of being Church, without censures, without dogmatism, without ritual disciplines and ecclesial forms (IL 138); the Catholic Church ought to integrate these modalities. Reserving salvation exclusively to the Creed is destructive of the Creed (IL 39).

Against this, among other texts: Dominus Iesus 14 and 16.


2. The teaching of Pan-Amazonian theology, which takes special account of myths, rituals, and celebrations of indigenous cultures, is required in all educational institutions (IL 98 c 3). Non-Christian rites and celebrations are proposed as “essential for integral salvation” (IL 87) and we are asked to “adapt the Eucharistic rite to their cultures” (IL 126 d). On rituals: IL 87, 126.

Against this: Dominus Jesus 21.


3. Among the various Loci Theologici (that is, among the various sources of theology, such as Sacred Scripture, the Councils, the Fathers of the Church) there is included the territory [of the Amazon] and the cry of its peoples. (IL 18, 19, 94, 98 c 3, 98 d 2, 144).

Against this: Dei Verbum 4, 7, 10.


4. It is suggested that ordination be conferred on older persons who have families and to confer “official ministries” on women. There is thus proposed a new vision of Holy Orders which does not come from Revelation, but from the cultural usages of the Amazonian people (which provide for a rotating system of authority, among other things). Therefore there ought to be separation made between the priesthood and the munus regendi (IL 129 a 2, 129 a 3, 129 c 2).

Against this: Lumen Gentium 21, Presbyterorum Ordinis 13, Pastores Dabo Vobis 26; and also: the entire document Sacerdotalis Coelibatus, especially 21 and 26, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis 1, 3 and 4; Pastores Dabo Vobis 29.


Coetus Internationalis Patrum Working Group

October 1, 2019

Go here to read the rest.  Under this pontificate the orthodox hide in anonymity while heresy is celebrated.  God help us all.

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  1. Pope Francis reminds me of la la land sales guys who’ve said: “you engineers, you all think the same, you’re always pouring over the details on whether something will work or not, can’t you just relax?”
    No Francis, we have an Obligation for the safety of Souls.

  2. ” Under this pontificate the orthodox hide in anonymity while heresy is celebrated. God help us all.”
    What we find in the world we find also in the Church. How many ordinary, everyday people do you know who are Trump supporters yet will keep silent for fear of reprisals from the Left? Sounds like an MO that the Church has adopted rather well.

  3. The foundational structure of pf’s ideas are predicated from himself, not 2000 years of wisdom and inspired thought.

    The wisdom of the Titanic’s captain failed him and those that were under his care became victims of his pride.

    We can be confident that the owner of the ship we sail in will not recklessly stand idle while his commander steers the ship into harm. We have His promise.

    Thank God for that.

  4. I hope everyone read what David WS wrote:

    “‘You engineers, you all think the same, you’re always pouring over the details on whether something will work or not, can’t you just relax?’ No Francis, we have an obligation for the Safety of Souls.”

    As you all know, I work in commercial nuclear power and before that, Naval nuclear propulsion. Attention to detail, regulatory adherence and verbatim compliance to procedure are absolutely essential in protecting public health and safety (not to mention the safety of some 100 sailors in a seal metal tube some 800 feet beneath the surface of the ocean). Events like Windscale, SL-1, TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima all happened NOT because the technology is unsafe BUT because the people involved thought they could do things in an easier softer way. There is NO easier softer way. One way kills sailors (like silver braze weld joints in seawater piping on the USS Thresher SSN-593 or deferring necessary weapons maintenance on the USS Scorpion SSN-589 or manufacturing torpedoes at sub-standard quality for the K-141 Kursk). The other way ensures that the number of submarine surfaces equals the number of dives.

    It is the EXACT SAME WAY spiritually. Yes, St. Paul said that we aren’t subject to the constraints of the Law – that is to say, all the ceremonial restrictions of the Mosaic Law. But Jesus said that He hadn’t come to abolish but to fulfill the Law, and He made the Law HARDER, NOT EASIER. He said that if you even look at a woman lustfully, you’re an adulterer. So I don’t understand why the Vicar of Christ is playing so cavalierly with the immortal souls of his flock. These spiritual things are orders of magnitude MORE important than something like nuclear, submarine, aircraft, locomotive or medical safety. Yes, I agree that it’s not as though we do good works and get saved. But Jesus said that if we love Him, then we will OBEY Him. And we CANNOT get in Heaven UNLESS we OBEY. Love isn’t just a sentimental feeling here today and gone tomorrow. It is a decision to seek the best for the other person, and to put what God says first even when it hurts – in fact, especially when it hurts.

    Yes, I am always pouring over the details on whether something will work or not, because if it doesn’t work right, then lives on the line can be lost. Been there; seen that; done that. Have you even smelt burning flesh and stepped in gore all around the hatch of the battery compartment on a nuke sub? A very eye and nose opening experience in what failure to follow rules and pay attention to detail causes. The same is true spiritually.

  5. Overheard in a confessional–a priest confessing to another; Bless me father for I have sinned. I’m a traditional Catholic and….

  6. Dear pope Francis.We catholics believe in only in Jesus Christ’s teaching that was giving to us from the Apostles chosen by Jesus Himself until now. We are not let you make a mess of it.Cardinals and Bishops defend the truth.

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