PopeWatch: Clueless Angels

From Rorate Caeli:
Piazza San Pietro — Saint Peter’s Square: one of the architectural jewels of mankind, the centerpiece of baroque Rome, and one of the masterpieces of the long and productive life of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
While there have been significant changes outside and leading to the square (done by the Italian state after the Lateran agreements), the magnificent square itself has been left virtually unchanged since Bernini added the second fountain in 1675 to make the whole space perfectly symmetrical. Not even the upheavals that followed the unfortunate Second Vatican Council were enough for the post-conciliar popes to feel entitled to make changes to this central spot of Catholicism and Romanitas. On the square itself, many temporary structures are often added for events or security, but only two images were to be found on the ground, in the space in front of the basilica: the patron saints of the City, Saints Peter and Paul.
That is, until today:


This Sunday, the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel (which, in the Novus Ordo calendar gathers “angels” in general), the very “woke” bishop of Rome unveiled a two-ton massive bronze boondoggle called “Angels Unaware”, dedicated to “refugees and migrants”.



The only positive thing to say about it is that at least it is not a piece of incomprehensible “contemporary art”, but only of low-quality realism. 
Go here to read the rest.
It would be amusing if one of the Muslim immigrants that Pope Francis has foisted upon Europe would protest this statue as being idolatrous:
Firstly, it may be understood from your question that what is to be denounced is the fact that the statue is of a kaafir, and that if it was a statue of a Muslim it would be permissible to erect it. This is a mistake, because all statues of animate beings are equally haraam, regardless of whether they are made in the images of a Muslim or a kaafir. Indeed, making a statue of a kaafir is worse, because it combines two evils, that of making the statue and that of glorifying this kaafir.
Go here to read the rest.  Large segments of the West have a death wish and Pope Francis is aiding this process, and there is nothing at all angelic about this.

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  1. “Large segments of the West have a death wish and Pope Francis is aiding this process, and there is nothing at all angelic about this.”

    Let us be clear. There indeed are angels involved in this process. The “type” of angels is what makes the difference.
    This is a monument to himself and nothing more.
    Let’s play movie night again and show something cool on the dome of St. Peter’s.

    This pontificate is a farce.

  2. Knowingly going against God’s will is a death wish. Pope Francis is more than aiding in this. Bad art is the least of his worries.

  3. Prudence, is the virtue by which all other Virtues operate.
    Obviously Francis would not, does not, will not, understand.

  4. Monument to the Coyotes who make a living from migrants they smuggle. It looks as if the migrants are being herded. To where? Not a to better life, but to an overloaded fishing boat that capsizes, or a camp with barely the basics where the unwilling host country cannot afford to keep them.
    Who paid for this monstrosity? One good thing though those depicted are not nude.

  5. “Who paid for this monstrosity?”–CAM

    That’s something to think about when the next Peter’s Pence collection comes around.

    We must all pray for our pope and the Holy Church.

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