The Democrats and Impeachment

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  1. I suspect all of these controversies have absolutely no effect on the bulk of the electorate. They’ll move the needle some among swing voters who hardly pay attention or know how to sort through what they’re reading. One thing has grown incresingly manifest over three generations: the loss of any sense of procedural principles among Democrats. They play Calvinball, pretty much all the time and in regard to everything. Street level Democrats are fine with that, or they lie to themselves and pretend it isn’t happening. (The NeverTrump residue differ only marginally in this respect). This will not end well.

  2. I agree with Art, with one caveat:
    The Democratic Party today has as it’s core principle “the ends justify the means”, this is not surprising since their core platform is “the need of birth control justifies killing children”.
    Plus the media is corrupt with the same mindset.

  3. The majority of the so-called “well-educated” people at my place of work (usually not the Navy nukes, but rather those straight from Academia) are committed anti-Trumpers. What new media these people do avail themselves of – ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, NPR, etc.) is wholly anti-Trump and they never watch Fox News (again, except for the Navy nukes). So they never learn about the scam that this Ukrainian smear campaign really is. They never hear about Biden’s son having been kicked out of the Navy for cocaine, or all the corruption in which he has engaged. Anything that would tell the truth is absent in their Twitter and Facebook feeds. I think a great many people will support impeachment.

    What scares me is when I see fellow nuke employees with bumper stickers supporting anti-nukes like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Again, not the Navy nukes but the Academia graduates. And since the company originated out of an Academic setting as a startup, those people dominate. I find this scary. Otherwise intelligent, bright, knowledgeable people have swallowed the Democrat lead sinker with nary a thought contrariwise. Is that how it is with technical, engineering and scientific people in other industries? Medical, aircraft, locomotive, architectural, etc.? Are all the smarter people now educated into imbecility by liberal progressive Academia?

    Truthfully, I fear a Trump loss – the “anyone but Trump” syndrome because “he’s mean and uncouth and uncultured.”

  4. Somebody needs to propose a Constitutional amendment wherein a President who is impeached by the House, but not convicted by the Senate gets to run for an additional term.

    I also saw it suggested that McConnell should change the Senate rules so that any Supreme Court nominees named by an impeached President go straight to the Senate floor for an up or down vote.

  5. Trump’s enemies are vicious, deceitful and decadent. So I’ll take mean, uncouth and uncultured, thank you very much.


    Another bit of evidence that Rosenstein, Justice Department lifer and bureaucratic wire-puller, was in on the scam from the beginning. Lessee, that’s Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Sztrok, Page, the Ohrs, Preistap, Brennan, Clapper, and the yet-to-be-named whistleblower schemer / leaker / Schiff errand boy. How many man-years on federal payrolls is that?

  7. How could I forget Andrew Weismann and Sally Yates. The Justice Department had to ‘recuse’ itself, so the independent counsel hires a senior official of Obama’s Justice Department to run the investigation. He spends most of his time (when not running entrapment schemes against George Papadopolous) investigating Trump for obstructing Weismann’s obstruction investigation.

  8. I just finished an argument with an anti-Trumper on FB. An old friend from a previous employer objected to my post asking for God’s blessing on our President. He objected because the President had once spoken derogatorily about women. I mentioned the example of William Jefferson Clinton’s adulteries, rapes, philandering and trips to Lolita Island with Jeff Epstein for sex with minors. I was told that those things are irrelevant and the objector proceeded to use vile words against the President. So yes, I blocked him. These people who hate Trump will never ever be convinced. All the evils the Democrats have done are immaterial compared to Trump having once said a long time ago in a moment of male bravado and braggadocio that he would grab a woman’s genitalia. Heck, as a submarine sailor, not only did I say such things, I actually did them at the “Raging Bull” near the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico while on shore leave during torpedo trials! So I am worse than Trump.

    These people are freaking insane. I agree with Ernst: “Trump’s enemies are vicious, deceitful and decadent. So I’ll take mean, uncouth and uncultured, thank you very much…..Treason trials and public executions.” Sadly the time for dialogue is long passed.

  9. Ah, the old “that’s different because shut up” gambit. I bet he thinks you’re a hypocrite too. I mean, how’s he s’posed to win the argument if you play by his rules too.

  10. LQC:“Truthfully, I fear a Trump loss – the “anyone but Trump” syndrome because “he’s mean and uncouth and uncultured.””

    Obviously we can’t predict what will happen in November 2020, and it’s not unreasonable to fear the worst because of the forces arrayed against the President. But you being surrounded by the types you describe makes it a lot worse. I would hazard a guess that most, if not all, of those people would vote for a loaf of bread if it had “D” after it on a ballot. Meanwhile, there are many hope-inducing signs, such as the Michigan auto workers who told CNN the other day, while walking a picket line, that they are, for the most part, planning to support Trump again. Or the fundraising numbers: while MSM types coo over Pocahontas having raised $24.5 million in the last quarter, Trump’s campaign raised $125 million, more than all the leading Dems combined, and this is according to Federal filings. Let’s also note the piece in the still-sometimes-credible Wall Street Journal this past week, which said some number of big Wall Street donors plan to support Trump or sit out the election if Pocahontas is nominated (as I believe she will be, FWIW.) So combine Trump’s Reagan-like ability to attract cultural Democrats (who, I believe was shown in 2016, greatly outnumber the “never-Trump RINO zealots) with his war chest for ad buys and good old fashioned boots-on-the-ground campaigning, and you should be at least a little bit encouraged. The degree to which the impeachment frenzy will further alienate cultural Democrats from whichever loony leftist the Dems nominate should also be significant, if current trends continue.

  11. I find it refreshing that the comments here are not filled with the codependent talk of today’s Leftists. You folks have actually done some work in researching what’s really going on and are not depending on slogans or the extremist language of hate used by both the far right and the far left.
    Thanks for refreshing reads!

  12. Hey, Frank, who are your “never-Trump RINO zealots”? Would they be people who claim to be Republican now but donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns back then? Would they be people who claim to be Republican now but have a habit of flirting with joining the Democrat Party? Oh wait, Trump fits all the components of the profile. He’s the Maxmimum RINO!

    Pro tip: worry less about the twenty or so media “never-Trump” talking heads and work harder to convince more wobbly-kneed middle-of-the-roaders to vote for Trump in the upcoming election. Several million potential Trump voters sat on their hands in 2016 instead of casting a vote for Trump–that’s why Trump failed to win the nationwide popular vote. As a consequence of Trump’s failure to win the nationwide popular vote, Trump entered office with no clear mandate from the people. The lack of a popular mandate left Trump weak and ineffective for the first two year of his four-year term.

    Bonus pro tip: try not to repeat your mistakes of 2016 during the 2020 election cycle that’s already under way, dear Trumpists. Put effort into winning allies, avoid alienating more people.

  13. Put effort into winning allies, avoid alienating more people.

    Sound advice Micha. Of course if the Rinos followed it then Trump would never have occurred. Why Trump? Two of many reasons: McCain and Romney. The GOP since Reagan has demonstrated an alarming contempt for the regular conservative voters who give them victory at the polls. Trump is the very imperfect messenger of the rage of voters that were tired of candidates who were either intent solely on being good losers or who completely forgot about them the instant after they won. The GOP establishment has only to look in the mirror to see how Trump came about. Romney, who lost a very winnable election in 2012 is the archetype Rino who has learned absolutely nothing in his defeat and in Trump’s victory.

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