Well let’s see.  First we have Joe Biden torpedoed by a “whistleblower”.  Second, Bernie Sanders has a heart attack.  Fauxcahontas had better be very, very careful.

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  1. Good point. But I like the idea of Elizabeth putting a pox on Wall Street. They need it. Maybe the powers that be will get behind Trump. Quietly, of course.

  2. Soilent green all over again. I did read that Hollywood was eating babies. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells is a story of how mankind devolved into cannibalism.
    SEE: Drug, Food, Cosmetic Companies are Using Aborted Baby Cells, Says Scientist..
    Atheism denies God, the immortal human soul and our unalienable human right to life. Man is being culled like beasts of burden to the state.
    Atheism is an ideology to destroy mankind.

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