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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After Hillary Clinton once again suggested that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president, one unfortunate staffer was forced to be the one to gently inform her that she lost the election.

“Hey, Hill, we need to talk,” the aide said, her voice shaky and uncertain. “We’ve got to discuss something of some importance. We’re all a little worried about you, and we just need to make sure you realize something about the election from a few years ago.”

“We don’t have time. We need to keep campaigning in swing states like New York and California,” Clinton declared, checking her watch. “We’ll beat that Trump yet!”



“Yeah, about that, sweetheart,” the aide continued. She sighed heavily. “Why don’t you take a seat?” The staffer then pulled out a folder listing the electoral results from 2016 and slowly walked Clinton through it. “So you see, you’re not actually the president of the United States. I’m so sorry. Do you need a tissue?”

Clinton stared off into space, the words not registering. “Thank you. That will be all,” she said at last.

“Do you need any—“

“I SAID THAT WILL BE ALL,” Clinton shouted, staring ice daggers into the poor aide’s soul.

Go here to read the rest.  Yep she lost, with a two to one money advantage, with virtually all the media on her side, and with the lockstep support of Wall Street, academia and the entertainment industry, with Trump being assailed with scandals and a divided Republican Party.  Such political malpractice rises to an art form.

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  1. I watched Fox News at 2:30 AM after election night and it was like a funeral. Opened my eyes–they took it harder than Hillary, methinks.

  2. Imho, prayers won that election.
    Millions and millions of prayers.
    He gave us four years.
    May He help give us four more and a SCOTUS Justice that is worthy of the appointment.

  3. Trumps victory in 2016 reminds me of this observation of Stephen Vincent Benet:

    Fate has a way of picking unlikely material,
    Greasy-haired second lieutenants of French artillery,
    And bald-headed, dubious, Roman rake-politicians.

  4. If these people studied history more they would have known that Americans don’t take kindly to being pushed around.

  5. That’s the problem Nate. Recent history has shown that Americans have allowed themselves to be pushed around.

  6. I agree Don but prior to this last election only 3 years ago, we allowed ourselves to be pushed around by the Swamp and then especially under Obama. The Swamp has existed for a while and getting worse and worse. I agree also the result was stunning in 2016 but I tend to think along the lines of Philip Nachazel that God through our prayers gave us this election that all conventional wisdom said could not have been won by DJT. You have to admit that we felt we had very little to hang on to, fighting against odds that were depressing and our future looked as if we were going to have a continuation of Obama under HRC. Maybe we don’t like to be pushed around but I think we were at the point where God had to step into the Swamp Himself and pull us out of the muck. Perhaps that is where we got the gumption to give it our strongest effort in years.

    My eye is on 2020. Let’s see how grateful we are for this chance we have been given. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will not come from the left.

  7. I am still of the opinion that 2016 was more about dislike for Hildebeast than straight -up support for Trump. I doubt I am an outlier, but I feared more a country where Hildebeast kept her campaign promises than Trump broke his.

  8. I watched Fox News at 2:30 AM after election night and it was like a funeral.
    Don L

    I also watched FOX’s election night coverage into the wee hours of early morning of Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Yes the mood appeared somber among FOX’s newsreaders for they struggled mightily to suppress the urge to laugh every time Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned.

  9. Somebody forgot that in 2015 and 2016, “the media” gave Trump unearned media with an estimated value of $2 billion, a figure that dwarfs the size of the Clinton campaign’s spending.

  10. Which they will again Micha in 2020. Almost all the coverage in 15 and 16 was negative as it will in 19 and 20. Doesn’t matter. With Trump there is no such thing as bad publicity, as his career amply demonstrates.

  11. Also agree with Foxfier, although Trump has the added advantage that the Dems have gone so bat**** crazy as to make closing the sale a little easier. Think it was Will Rogers who said “I am not a comedian, I just observe the government and report the facts.” For Trump, all he has to do is point out what the Dems want to do to this country.

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