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Many observers of Pope Francis fail to realize what a superb sense of humor he has.  Here is a sample:


Pope Francis said he reacted “with a sense of humour” to the accusation of heresy made against him earlier this month.

“It does not hurt me at all. Hypocrisy and lies hurt me, these hurt me. But such a mistake, where there are even people who have filled their heads with … no, please, you have to take care of them too,” Pope Francis said in a Spanish interview published May 28.

Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki asked the pope how he took the accusation that he was a heretic, to which he responded, “With a sense of humour, my daughter.”

“I also pray for them because they are wrong and poor people, some are manipulated. And who are those who signed…?” Pope Francis added, alluding to an open letter signed by a group of 19 Catholics who accused the pope of “the canonical delict of heresy.”

Pope Francis touched on many topics in the 13,000 word interview from clerical sexual abuse to a potential papal trip to China.

“My dream is China. I love the Chinese very much,” Pope Francis said. “Relations with China are good, very good.”

“The other day two Chinese bishops came to me, one who came from the underground church and the other from the patriotic church, already recognized as brothers. They came here to visit us. This is an important step. They know that they must be good patriots and that they must take care of the Catholic flock,” he continued.

Go here to read the rest.  What a card!  His papacy is best understood as a long practical joke.  Unless he is being serious, no matter how unlikely that seems.  In that case the joke is very much on us.

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