PopeWatch: Paganism at the Vatican

In yet another triumph for ecumenicalism:


– Pope Francis witnessed an indigenous performance at a tree planting ceremony in the Vatican gardens Friday, during which people held hands and bowed before carved images of pregnant women, one of which reportedly represented the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A group of people, including Amazonians in ritual dress, as well people in lay clothes and a Franciscan brother, knelt and bowed in a circle around images of two pregnant women who appeared to be semi-clothed, in the presence of the pope and members of the curia.

After witnessing the ritual, Pope Francis set aside his prepared remarks, opting instead to offer the Our Father without comment.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni told CNA Friday that “at the end of the ceremony, the Pope decided to entrust his reflection, thoughts and words to the Prayer of the Our Father, which is in itself a message of faith, witness, repentance and hope.”


Go here to read the rest.  This entire pontificate resembles a book length The Babylon Bee post.

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  1. ” decided to entrust his reflection, thoughts and words to the Prayer of the Our Father, ”

    What else could he do? I’m of the mind that he expected this ceremony to be a little different than what he experienced. Why else scrap his statement and pray the Our Father instead.? Not that he needs prodding but I think some in his circle who are hell bent on having priestesses and deacons emerge from the Amazon Synod set him up and allowed this pagan ceremony to proceed without the Pope knowing its details. Why? What would better than having a photo shoot of the Pope approving this debacle as a preamble to the Amazon Synod? At the Vatican no less!
    That’s my conspiracy theory and I’m sticking to it.

  2. No. It’s over. It’s way past time to give him further benefit of the doubt. Way. Way.
    He knows exactly what he’s presiding over, and he knew what was coming. This is a man in charge. He knows too well.
    Hillary Clinton played fast and loose with the highest intel. Somehow she was able to claim “she didn’t know”, when by her very position she is required to know, and cannot claim legally she didn’t know. It is to break the law simply by saying “she didn’t know”. It is the same with the pope. This debacle has been well planned. That ritual was planned.
    When the pope sees people putting a mandala cloth on the ground, with little fertility goddesses and a fertility god with…um….ah! I can’t even print it! But all should see for themselves what is on the blanket there…he knows he’s presiding over a pagan ritual, he blessed it. And maddeningly, he pulls a Jesuit, and acts demure (contemplative of course) and “puts aside his prepared remarks” and prays the Our Father. This continues the theatrical run of, “What Did the Pope Know”, that Catholics can’t get enough of.

    During the days of the Tsars, when the Russian government did something terrible, people would say “If only the Little Father knew!”. In the days of Stalin they would say “If only Stalin knew!”. Too many Catholics still can’t accept that Pope Francis is simply a wretched Pope.

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