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For all their pretensions of political correctness, you can see how much human liberties matter to organizations like the NBA and Microsoft by how they kiss up to the Butchers of Bejing.  They are living exemplars of what Lenin is purported to have said according to Solzhenitsyn :


Lenin, who spent most of his life in the West and knew it much better than Russia, always said that the Western capitalists would do anything to supply the Soviet economy—”They will fight with each other to sell us goods cheaper and sell them quicker so that we’ll buy from one rather than from the other.”

And in the difficult moments of a party meeting in Moscow he said: “Comrades, don’t worry when things are hard with us. When things are difficult, we will give a rope to the bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie will hang itself with this rope.”

Then, Karl Radek, a witty fellow you may have heard of, said: “Vladimir Ilyich, where are we going to get enough rope to hang the whole bourgeoisie?”

Lenin said immediately: “They’ll supply us with it.”



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  1. Who cares that the Chinese government murders its own citizens for their organs. What really gets Lebron and Co. riled up is that Donald Trump sends out mean tweets. That, and the “reality” that the old white men paying them millions a year are just plantation owners. Power to the people! But, please buy my latest $200 shoes made in China because of the incredibly cheap labor.

  2. There was an article a short while ago, I think on American Greatness, about the influence well financed leftist groups have had on American businesses. The Rainbow Bunch have made some inroads into the National Hockey League, much to my chagrin. The NBA is in.a class by itself, however. Spurs coach Popovich, Warriors coach Kerr and Lakers aupermouth and Egotist Supreme LeBron James are three of the most obnoxious participants in a league full of greed and virtue signaling.

    My dad loved sports and it rubbed off on me and my brothers. Try being from Pittsburgh during the 1970s and not liking the Steelers, Pirates and Pitt Panthers. Every so often I am a little envious of those who take no interest in sports, as it is a business as rotten as any other. As for the NBA, it is dead to me. The NHL is a superior product, despite their own problems.

  3. “a business as rotten as any other.” Virgin pure college sports were up until September 2020 played only for the sheer enjoyment of competition and all the goods learned from teamwork, No “I” in team. Sadly, now college sports, formerly chaste, will be debauched and polluted by money: California is going to let college athletes make money. God forbid!
    Bright side: every county, city and state where the rich studs compete will be able to tax the income made there. Imagine the accounting machinations and subterfuges in an attempt to say that the money was made elsewhere. Imagine IRS folks at every college game and competition as they are now present in many casinos.

    Guy, Texas

  4. This is a prime example of why so called free trade with China is so problematic. This is one of the many one sided transaction costs that China imposes on companies that do business with China.

  5. I can’t believe that in all the reporting on this, not once have I read or heard anyone say:

    “Houston, we have a problem.”

    C’mon people!!

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