The Lawsuits Will be Huge


Who would have thought that mutilating mentally ill people, and pumping them full of chemicals with hideous side effects, could have a downside?

Charlie says she has been contacted by “hundreds” of people seeking help – 30 people alone in her area of Newcastle.

“I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly same-sex attracted, and often autistic as well.”

She recalls being approached by a young girl with a beard who hugged her after giving a public talk, who explained she was a destransitioned woman too.

“She said she felt shunned by the LGBT community for being a traitor. So I felt I had to do something.”

Charlie is now launching a charity called The Detransition Advocacy Network, with their first meeting set to be held in Manchester at the end of the month.

Sky News went to meet one person who has contacted Charlie’s network for help.


Go here to read the rest.  Reality always wins in the end.


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  1. High functioning people with autism can become monomaniacal about something at a drop of a hat. Transgenderism as an explanation for their ills, and a possible cure, could be irresistible.

  2. Let the lawsuits begin, starting with perjury and the two years sentence in prison for perjury. Persons are neutered. There is no such ting as transgendered…and false advertising and medical experimenting on minor children.
    I remember thalidomide, DES and X ray therapy.. Let the lawsuits begin.

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