Illegal Aliens and the Media Propagandists.

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John Hinderaker at  Powerline writes about a recent instance of  ignorance or malice on the part of the mainstream media:


At Liberty Unyielding, Jerome Woehrle points out an astonishing instance of journalistic ignorance:

The Chicago Tribune falsely reported on October 4 that the term “illegal alien” isn’t used in laws or legal circles. It has since failed to fix the error even though lawyers pointed out its error on Twitter and in correction requests.

The Chicago Tribune made an error on October 4 that it seemingly refuses to fix, out of political correctness. The Tribune’s Cindy Dampier claimed in an article about immigrants that it was a “common misconception” that the term “illegal alien” is a “term used in statutes and in legal circles.” (See the article “How do Chicago’s laws protect immigrants against discrimination.”)

But that’s just wrong. The term “illegal alien” is used in federal and state laws, the Code of Federal Regulations, court briefs, and Supreme Court decisions such as Arizona v. United States (2012).

Of course that is correct. An alien is a person who is not a citizen, and if that person is in the country illegally, he or she is an illegal alien. The term is frequently, and appropriately, used in federal statutes.

The Tribune made this false claim while writing about New York City’s warning to residents that they could be fined up to $250,000 for using the term “illegal alien” in the workplace, rental housing, or public accommodations. Lawyers such as the Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky criticized that warning because ‘illegal alien’ is legal terminology found in laws, court decisions, and court briefs filed by Justice Department lawyers.

I wrote about that New York policy here.

Go here to read the rest.  Cindy Dampier is an editor of the Chicago Tribune.  In the days of the legendary Colonel Robert McCormick she would now be an ex-employee of the once great Tribune.  Today she is merely one among many “journalists” who  are mouthpieces for Leftist propaganda and who will not allow mere facts to stand in the way of that propaganda.

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  1. She’s a J-school graduate, age 50, who has worked for newspapers and magazines without interruption for 22+ years. She doesn’t know much about anything other than the mechanics of the news business. With scant doubt, this is something some friend or some source of hers in an advocacy group told her that she was too negligent to check. Since the notion is quite counter-intuitive and since it’s a simple thing to check, it really does say something about her character that she didn’t.

  2. Resident Aliens and Illegal Aliens two terms used in Public Service Announcements on TV and radio – it been a long time but I do remember the terms because I had to ask my parents what the terms meant.
    The PSAs were reminders for Resident Aliens to register annually with Immigration or they would become Illegal Aliens. From the era of test patterns on the tube and tests of Emergency Warning Systems on radio and TV.

  3. I remember those well CAM. My sainted mother had to register each year before she was naturalized as an American citizen. She used to joke that if she wanted a free trip back to Newfoundland she simply had to “forget” to register one year.

  4. Those who make up asinine regulations/ warnings, should be made to visit their local mental health clinics for check ups.

    Frontal lobotomies will be free of charge for repeat offenders….those who wish to call black white or refer to 5 being the answer to what 3+1 equals.

    NYC is teetering on the precipice.
    The valley of doom is closer than New Jersey. It’s one AOC away.

  5. When did we as a nation or should I say our federal government start to not value U.S. citizenship? And start providing some of citizenship benefits to illegals? Oldest son may soon be engaged to an educated Spanish national working/living in Spain. Since Spaniards are not considered Hispanics I’m wondering how difficult it will be for her to receive a fiance` visa. Europeans, including people from English speaking countries, are at the back of the line.

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