PopeWatch: Ideology

Our most ideological Pope once again denounces ideology:


In his general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis warned Catholics to not turn their faith into an ideology, as he said St. Paul did when he was persecuting Christians before his conversion.

St. Paul, called Saul before his conversion, was “an ideologist; for Saul, religion had become ideology, religious ideology, social ideology, political ideology,” the pope said Oct. 9.

Reflecting on Saul’s behavior toward Christians is a chance for everyone to consider how they are living their faith, he said, suggesting people ask themselves: “How do I live my life of faith? Am I going to meet others or am I against others? Do I belong to the universal Church, good, bad, everyone? Or do I have a selective ideology?”

“Do I love God, or do I love dogmatic formulations?” he continued. “How is my religious life? Does the faith in God that I profess make me friendly or instead hostile to anyone who is different from me?”

Pope Francis, in his catechesis, spoke about St. Paul before and after his conversion and baptism. Saul, as he was called then, wanted to “destroy the Church,” the pope said, but later became “the instrument chosen by God to proclaim the Gospel to the nations.”

The Acts of the Apostles recounts that Saul, with the approval of the high priest, was chasing and capturing Christians. Saul was doing this believing that he was serving the law of the Lord, Francis explained.

According to the pope, “the young Saul is portrayed as intransigent, that is, one who shows intolerance towards those who think differently from him…”


Go here to read the rest.  One of the striking features about this pontificate is how Pope Francis has only a handful of ideas he returns to again and again ad nauseum.

1.Those who oppose him are ideologues.

2.Catholics who wish to adhere to the teachings of the Church are intransigent and anti-Christian.

3.Young orthodox priests are intolerant.

For this Pope it is always a return to his greatest hits with a very few variations on themes.  We see this most clearly when he speaks off the cuff which he does frequently.  The phrase “growing in office” is trite, but it can be seen with many popes.  The current pope came into office with his mind set in cement, and he will leave office the same way.

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  1. He is the worst possible person to be the Roman Pontiff at this, one of the worst times in Church history. He is a large part of the problem, a product of it, who cannot and will not be a part of the solution.
    As no mechanism exists to remove this failure of a clergyman from the Petrine office, we are stuck with him until he dies. Waiting for someone to die can be a very long wait.
    Traditional Catholic monarchists should take note of this papacy when they spout off their criticisms of a republic.

  2. He’s really got a bee in his bonnet about dogma, doesn’t he? Somebody tried to make him learn by rote memorization, and he wasn’t very good at it or something, maybe.

  3. ‘According to the pope, “the young Saul is portrayed as intransigent, that is, one who shows intolerance towards those who think differently from him…”’


  4. 100% Grade-A Argentine baloney. Straw Man. False Dichotomy. Rinse. Repeat. His routine is totally played out.

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