One of Our New Would Be Commissars

The hilarious thing about the video is that Trustee Susan Buchanan of Oak Park, Illinois, who tries to shut up other Trustees because they are white and male, is as white as  white can be.  She claims that they do not know oppression.  Considering she is a physician in a pricey suburb of Chicago I am sure her encounter with oppression is when her dry cleaning isn’t ready.  What a buffoonish time to be alive.

Buchanan is a self evident joke, but her desire to shut up people who disagree with her is an ever-growing mantra on the Left in this country.  If we have another civil war, the above video will not seem quite as humorous.

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  1. I like her small 1/2 inch mustache which goes so well with her black jackboots and riding crop. She’s a hot mess.

  2. More oppression for her:
    Dr. Susan Buchanan, clinical associate professor of environmental and occupational health sciences in the UIC School of Public Health, is director of the Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

    Buchanan is an expert in health problems related to toxic substances and other environmental hazards in the workplace or community. Her research interests include the health of minority, low-income, and immigrant workers; of children; and reproductive environmental health. She has published studies on the impact of fish consumption and mercury exposure in the Asian communities in Chicago; the use of protective gear among Latino day-laborers; and lead exposure among Chicago’s children.

    Subject areas:
    •Toxic environmental exposures for children and adults
    •Environmental toxins’ impacts on pregnancy
    •Lead exposure
    •Mercury toxicity and fish consumption
    •Occupational health and safety

  3. One pair of black jackboots. $250.00
    One riding crop. S115.00
    One crazed liberal. $0.05

    Democrat’s explanation of oppression…


    back at Planned Parenthood the oppressed scream in silence.

  4. Head east on Madison Ave. cross Austin Blvd and hang out in that neighborhood for awhile; she’ll discover oppression. Median household income Oak Park-82k. Median household income Ausin neighborhood Chicago-31k. Literally side by side geographically. She needs to shut up.

  5. “she’ll discover oppression….. Median household income Ausin neighborhood Chicago-31k.”
    Lol well now. Who knew for the last five years of my working life I was oppressed lol. Yeah I’m white and I made 31k unless I got some overtime. I suppose it’s all in the way we view oppression. For me oppression is when I hear Peter, Paul and Mary wannabes at Mass…

  6. Besides why are snowflakes always the ones that get to define what oppression and racism and hatred is today? I never let my debaters frame the questions or the issues in a way that benefits them.

  7. What is disturbing is the fact that the audience clapped in behalf of Trustee Susan Buchanan. A very angry voice inside me says, “Some white man needs to slap that white witch right straight across her ugly face and defy the audience’s prejudices.” Truthfully, this isn’t going to stop until these people are shoved back down to where they belong. I say again: oppression knows no skin color, no cultural background, no religious affiliation. Liberal progressive feminists are oppressing older white men in the same way that they claim they have been oppressed. It is high time to eradicate the feminist ideology. It is demonically inspired.

  8. LQC, It’s been said that one of the last conquests of Satan will be the destruction of the family. I believe feminism was the way he chose to do it: “You will be like a man.” As sin came into the world: “You will be like God.”

  9. LQC, I agree. And there’s a need to be shrewd about it, as in a collation of black and white men go out for a beer.. and .. agree.. to-

  10. (hardened) Feminist: ..a woman that is not happy being a woman, hates men, and wants to become what which she hates…
    Not a happy existence..

    I believe you missed my point. She has neighbors one town over who make a third of what she does and she talking about oppression in her community. I don’t know where you live but a family of 4 is struggling to survive on 31k a year in Chicago. Median household is different than per capita.

  12. I couldn’t bear to listen to the whole video. The men on that board were playing the capon to such a degree that it was embarrassing.

    I think it’s a reasonable wager she’s employed in academic and government positions because her personality problems prevented her from building an ordinary medical practice. The market will penalize you even if your supervisors won’t.

    What’s distressing is that academic and professional education in this country routinely produces people with this woman’s attitudes (if not her atrocious manners). Higher education is godawful.

    She has a child who appears to be in his early adolescent years. Given her supposed age (58), my guess would be he’s a step child or he’s adopted. Her husband is rather mulattish looking, which may account for some of her witless attitudinizing.

  13. I believe you missed my point. She has neighbors one town over who make a third of what she does and she talking about oppression in her community. I don’t know where you live but a family of 4 is struggling to survive on 31k a year in Chicago. Median household is different than per capita.

    We live in the most affluent era in world history in just about the most affluent country. The distinguishing feature in the lives of working class blacks has nothing to do with ‘oppression’ by white men or anyone else. It is exposure to street crime and school disorder, the sort of problem this woman indubitably cares nothing about and with scant doubt would do her part to exacerbate. These people are plain bad, and need to be run out of positions where they have discretion over others.

  14. Ken, I know exactly what you were saying in that there was a disparity in income just a stones throw away from her community that she refuses to recognize as oppressed vis a vis her own community. That is not surprising since she is convinced of her own oppression and everyone else plays second fiddle to it. I know you didn’t mean that 31k was poverty but yes, it is not easy raising a family on that income. I raised 5 kids and yeah, it’s not easy, you do without many things that are not necessities and pick up all the overtime you can lol.

    I live in central NH away from the major cities if you can imagine NH having a major city :). So maybe 31k + in NH goes further, I don’t know but what I do know is that everyone everywhere is oppressed in some form or other but as I listened to little miss comrade in that video many who feel more oppressed than others and wear it as a badge are usually the source of oppression to those who are truly oppressed.

  15. Does Robert’s Rules of Order allow such disrespect to other council members? They should have voted to censor her for her contemptuous and rule behavior. Respect for others must be maintained.

  16. The men she was savaging haven’t the stones to put a resolution of censure before the trustees and it’s doubtful the full board would vote for it. The local CBS affiliate gave the last word to one of the local race-hustlers and pretended Buchanan was a reasonable person.

  17. You know, it’s just embarrassing for an adult to behave that way.

    I have a nurse-practitioner in my family who was recently put on probation by her employer for an outburst that (1) wasn’t directed at anyone in particular and (2) was heard by co-workers, not clients. Those are the sorts of standards which apply to most of us. (It concerned technical SNAFUs with electronic medical records, which aren’t designed for the convenience of people who actually have to use them).

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