PopeWatch: Just a Man

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Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari, a 95 year old atheist, has made quite a stir with the report that he has had an interview with Jesus Christ.  According to Scalfari, Christ said in that interview that Pope Francis was just a man.  “Truly I say unto you that Francis is but a man as Peter was but a man.”


Scalfari:  “Is it possible for Pope Francis to be in error?”

Christ:    “Was Peter in error when he betrayed Me?”

Scalfari:  “Popes claim to be infallible.”

Christ:    “On matters of faith and morals they are infallible, when in their right minds.”

Scalfari:  “Francis is not in his right mind?”

Christ:     “It is you who say it.”

Scalfari:  “What do you think of the political stances of Pope Francis?”

Christ:    “Friend, who made Me the arbiter of the political disputes of Man?”

Scalfari:  “What advice would you give to Catholics?”

Christ:    “The hour is late and the time is short.  Repent!”


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  1. Christ: “The hour is late and the time is short. Repent!”

    Christ: “The hour is late and the time is short. Repent!”

    Christ: “The hour is late and the time is short. Repent!”

    Worthy of repeating.

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