Comrades Under the Black Uniforms



News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:



ARLINGTON, VA—Last night, members of the militant anti-fascist group Antifa raided the headquarters of the American Nazi Party and stole numerous books, pamphlets, brochures, and other propaganda from the vacant building. They later took the items to a bonfire in a remote area and began destroying the items one by one. They burned everything they had taken except for a Nazi party manifesto which they passed around and read with fascination. “This isn’t bad,” one member said. After reviewing the book, they ripped out the chapter on racism but decided to hold onto the rest of the book.

“We were burning the books a page at a time,” explained Antifa crowbar wielder Prentice Hanson. “Then I started flipping through it. Free health care, euthanasia, gun control, guaranteed jobs for all, racial quota systems… what the whaaaa? I had to make sure I was holding the right book!” Hanson asked his friends to hold up on the book burning while he read them a few passages from the manifesto to his now rapt audience. “They were eating it up. We all were,” Hanson said.

When the night came to a close, they ripped out a few pages about racism but agreed that overall they really liked the authoritarianism, socialism, wealth confiscation, holistic medicines, vegetarianism, and pagan spirituality the Nazis were into. Even some of the racist stuff they really enjoyed when they flipped it around and applied the ideas of master races to the oppressed races. 

Go here to read the rest.  The Nazis had the term Beefsteak Nazi, brown on the outside and red on the inside, because so many ex-communists jointed the Stormtroopers.  SA units used to joke that they had a few Nazis, but they chased them out.  Hitler always regarded ex-communists as far more desirable for recruitment than former members of democratic parties.  Remember, if you oppose freedom of speech, dress in black, hide your identity, beat up people in the street and believe that violence is a political solution, you just might be a fascist.

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  1. What does it say about the Democrats that they’ve
    done little or nothing to condemn their friends on the

  2. Well that’s clearly wrong. I mean obviously they’re Fantifa.

    Fascist anti-fascists.

    Or maybe there are two factions: antifafa and fantifa. That would explain why nobody’s talking in Portland about that public service homicide the other day.

  3. “What does it say about the Democrats that they’ve
    done little or nothing to condemn their friends on the
    It just says why condemn those willing to do your dirty work while you keep your hands clean?

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