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Rather like the Vanity publishing houses that publish, for a fee, the works of authors that legitimate presses will not touch, CNN now serves as a Vanity cable news network for CNN President Jeff Zucker, who apparently has a personal vendetta against President Trump dating to their days together on The Apprentice, when Zucker was in charge of the entertainment division of NBC.  At least that is the allegation of the latest expose by Project Veritas:

(Washington, D.C.) A brave CNN insider came to Project Veritas to expose anti-Trump bias at the cable giant. Cary Poarch, who works at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau, tells Project Veritas “I decided to wear a hidden camera…to expose the bias running rampant” at the network. Poarch documented CNN’s bias for months; recording undercover footage of numerous long-term employees, some of which talk about Jeff Zucker’s anti-Trump agenda. In the video are Nick Neville, Christian Sierra, Hiram Gonzalez, David Chalian, and Mike Brevna. These employee’s positions range from media coordinator to high-ranking executives. I decided to secretly record the 9:00am rundown call meetings with senior management and executives, says Poarch. In the recordings, Zucker details his expectations for CNN’s coverage and very matter-of-factly states “impeachment is the story.”

Go here to read the rest.  That CNN is biased against Trump we need no exposé to tell us.  The obsession by Zucker against Trump does help explain why CNN is willing to endure toilet ratings to accomplish its goal of driving Trump from office.

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  1. Trump derangement syndrome is real. Weak minded individuals like Jeff Zucker are obvious casualties. What is a little more surprising is when generally decent people like Andrew Napolitano succumb to it. He no longer holds any credibility after he said the transcript of President Trump’s call proves a crime was committed because it proves President Trump solicited something of value from a foreign government to help him in an election. Forget the fact President Trump was actually doing his job by looking into crimes committed by Slow Biden, Napolitano is just sure, in that above reproach style of his, that criminal intent is clear just from the words used. So yes, the elites really do hold us in contempt, deplorables that we are.

  2. Hopefully in the near future, tomorrow would be great, future journalists will look at the malice perpetuated by so-called fair and balanced news organizations as a model of Anti-American terrorism befitting permanent exile, starting with the President of said organizations.

    Many who were asleep are awake now.
    I pray enough are awake to see the liberal media for what they are. Provocateur’s.

    The deep State is cunning.
    Our new cold war.

  3. Zucker may be unfit to hold the positions he has and may also irritate his underlings by telling them to cover things they don’t wish to. However, he himself has a supervisor, one John Stankey, who in turn has a board. They’ve allowed Zucker to destroy the residue of CNN’s reputation as a news service. If they wanted to run a news service, they’d have canned him several years ago.

  4. Only one news organization claims to be fair and balanced. The rest claim some variation of objective, unbiased, neutral, professional, etc.

  5. E. S. Your right.
    I stand corrected.

    Art mentioned news service.
    Those were the days.
    Seems tabloid news and propaganda is the pollution of our days. Mind fog.

    Tom Hanks character in Joe v Volcanoe had brain cloud. CNN is seeding the skies with brain cloud.

    What is it?

    Fake news.

  6. “What is a little more surprising is when generally decent people like Andrew Napolitano succumb to it.”

    I also liked Napolitano back in the day, giving professional and logical opinions while defending Trump and pointing out the bias and criminal bent of the dems, however, I’m beginning to think that Napolitano was not as much of an ally as many think he was. As long as the investigations were not getting too close to the Deep State players behind the witch hunts aiming for Trump, he was willing to play the part of the level headed legal pro who seemed to be fair. Now new investigators investigating the original investigators are coming out in the open with new info and maybe that infor too close for comfort. And with Napolitano slipping over to the Dark Side for no apparent reason makes me think he wasn’t so pure as we thought and that he might have roots that might go deep into the Swamp also.

  7. Over the weekend Mr. McClarey posted one of my favorite movie quotes from the Sand Pebbles. My go-to Hollywood, which is applicable to CNN and the lying media at least 1,000 times each day is from “My Cousin Vinny, “Everything that guy just said is BS.”

    As Orwell wrote concerning contemporary “reporting” on the Spanish Civil War, in which he participated, “There is not the modicum of truth contained in the common lie.”

  8. Napolitano has lost his mind. No President is above criticism, but Napolitano has become a shrill lunatic. Biden bragged about getting the prosecutor fired. How did Napolitano miss that?

  9. Nice as it is to have this on tape, I don’t really see it harming Clearly Not News much because (1) everybody either already knew CNN was fake news or (2) alternatively, they are blind partisans so it wouldn’t change their mind, and (3) you can’t much harm what is already worthless.

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