Indoctrination in Sodom and Gomorrah

Free public education, if faithful to the ideal of secular instruction and political neutrality, will not be partisan or enemy of any class, creed, party, or faction. If it is to impose any ideological discipline, however, each party or denomination must seek to control, or, failing that, to weaken, the influence of the educational system. Observance of the limitations of the Constitution will not weaken government in the field appropriate for its exercise.

Justice Robert H. Jackson, Majority Opinion, West Virginia State Bd. of Educ. v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943)




This is what happens when the Democrats achieve one party rule in a state:


Starting July 1, 2020, all Illinois public schools are legally required to teach children LGBT history and only buy textbooks that include the topic. NPR affiliate Illinois Public Radio labeled Christian and conservative opposition to this law while it was being considered as stemming from “hate groups.”

The explicit goal of such laws, which are also in place in California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon, is to make children agree with the left’s views of sexuality, which contradict the historic views of all major world religions. This is not only the open, stated goal of those pushing such laws but also explicit in the curriculum.

“Imagine a generation of Illinois students having learned the positive contributions of LGBTQ people to U.S., Illinois, world history,” Brian Johnson, CEO of the advocacy group Equality Illinois, told IPR. “I think it’s only going to have a positive effect on our society’s view of LGBTQ people.”

“This has the potential to change the way society views the LGBT community. Who we decide to talk about and who we include in history reflects the values we have in our society,” said Democrat state Rep. Anna Moeller, the new law’s lead sponsor, to the local newspaper Daily Herald.

“We have an incredibly diverse student body, which leads to more inclusiveness and tolerance,” Chicago-area public school teacher Leslie Schock told the Daily Herald in response to Illinois’s new LGBT curriculum requirements. “The kids don’t really question why it’s important to them. For the most part, throughout their entire childhood, gay marriage has been legalized.”

A Brown University study last year found indications that an identity politics-saturated environment can fuel a “social contagion” of children identifying as transgender. Scholar Mary Eberstadt has written in great detail about how upending boundaries around sex undermines children’s faith. Loss of faith, as well as sexual profligacy, is correlated with a host of social problems including mental illness, family chaos, government dependence, violence, and lawlessness.

AP and District 65 Offer a Preview of Coming Instruction

To get a sense of what all Illinois public schools must begin teaching children starting next year, one can look at curriculum developed this summer in Illinois’s Evanston/Skokie School District 65, as well as Advanced Placement history classes. Scholars noted AP products were given a decidedly leftist, identity politics slant in recent revisions. These classes educate the nation’s top third of students and for many are the last history classes they ever take. Especially well-educated and high-income parents trust them as a way to get their kids a leg up on college and thus life.

Yet they are rapidly being corrupted by leftist ideology. Schock noted that she was teaching LGBT-themed materials before the Illinois law passed because the College Board integrated it into AP history classes in recent revisions. “Schock teaches about the 1969 Stonewall riots for LGBTQ rights in New York City, feminism, and Latino and American Indian rights movements as part of the description of social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. She spends a class period on each topic,” reported the Daily Herald.

This means that even in states that have not mandated LGBT curriculum, bright students are likely to be exposed to it through AP classes, which also influence non-AP curriculum. The Stonewall Riots are also taught to elementary school students as part of LGBTQ+ Equity Week curriculum being taught this week in District 65, a north Chicago suburb.

The district’s Gender and Sexuality Educators’ Alliance (GSEA) noted in a Sept. 12 email sent to all staff that “This work [of the district’s Oct. 7-11 LGBTQ+ Equity Week] comes during an important time in Illinois history. A few weeks ago, Governor Pritzker signed House Bill 246 into law and as of July 1, 2020, all Illinois public schools will be required to include LGBTQ history in their curriculums [sic].” District 65 teachers earned $35 per hour to create this curriculum over the summer, according to documents The Federalist obtained from an open records request.

On Oct. 8, District 65 school board President Suni Kartha sent parents and staff a statement: “Our administration has heard from a number of parents who want the ability to opt their children out of this curriculum. The District 65 Board of Education does not support allowing students to opt out of this or any curriculum that seeks to include a more complete account of the role of historically marginalized people in our society, as such curriculum is vital to supporting our district mission of preparing students to contribute positively to a global and diverse society.”

Go here to read the sickening rest.  What the Leftists are doing is establishing, in effect, a state funded established Church. The Supreme Court cases striking down mandatory pledges of allegiance by students, and mandatory school prayers give us a legal road map to follow.  What is sauce for the goose should certainly be sauce for the gander.  Suits should be filed over this blatantly unconstitutional rubbish.

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  1. What is sauce for the goose should certainly be sauce for the gander. Suits should be filed over this blatantly unconstitutional rubbish.

    Well, that makes sense. Trouble is, the opposition hasn’t an ounce of integrity, and neither does much of the judiciary.

  2. Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit, The Scopes Monkey Trial was about parental control of what their children were to be taught by the public servants, the teachers.
    The LGBT has rewritten history. Helen Keller was a closet lesbian. Michelangelo and Da Vinci were sodomites. I know. I read the books at the public library. Let the LGBT prove that what they are inflicting on minor children who have no informed consent to give until emancipation is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
    Teachers teach “in loco parentis” in the place of parents,
    as the governor is the public servant of his constituents.
    Taxation without representation is this top down government. They can go crack rocks.

  3. The light will overcome the darkness but it’s going to take time. The children will bring the light. Generations of future Christians.


    Events will unfold that will be biblical.
    Chastisements. Natural and Conquests.
    Opportunity for the prideful rainboteers to find Bibles and Christian Churches that profess Truth.

    Or Muslims will reign for a period of time and sharia law might make it impossible for Gay Pride parades. Closets become occupied once more. Women oppressed.
    Then the war on women will be truly recognizable. Not fictitious.
    Yes. I did drink hyperbole on the rocks tonight.

    The Gay genie is going to be very difficult to get back into the lamp.

  4. “What happens when we run out of places to run to?“

    You could run to California. Oh wait, it’s no longer a crime for bums to set up shanty towns and crap on the street here. Never mind!

  5. “The Gay genie is going to be very difficult to get back into the lamp.”

    God did it once. Genesis 19:12-29. It wasn’t pretty. But it was effective.

    We had better either defeat this infection peaceful at the voting both and with civil discourse in the free market of ideas (if such a thing remains), or God will defeat it for us in the way He defeated it before. God always does the right thing in the right way at the right time.

  6. 1,800 people died from hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005 on Southern Decadence Day when a gay pride parade was supposed to be held but was stopped when the dams burst. Homosexual sin has consequences.

    Was the coincidence of this natural event enough to change hearts? No. Doesn’t look like it.

    Will it rain on their parade in the future?
    Hell yes. It will rain alright.

  7. When the state stops acting as an agent of tolerance by which all beliefs are accorded protection and instead acts as an agent of indoctrination, it becomes in effect, a church unto itself, or a cult. Christians cannot submit to a cult overtly hostile to and alien from the Church and the teaching of Christ. Faithful Christians must follow our Lord at all times through whatever political or ideological storms come our way.

    Therefore, it’s long past time for the faithful to publicly, unequivocally, and unapologetically confirm that Christ our Lord is indeed by right, the sovereign Lord and Ruler of nations as He is indeed of all creation. This was affirmed by His Holiness Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Quas primas. We as professing, faithful Christians have the right and duty to live our lives unencumbered by any and all authority which opposes the Divine prerogatives of almighty God. The question of the hour is whether and when we as Christians, under the guidance of almighty God and the magisterial teaching of HIs Church, will give express recognition to the right of Christ to rule our land, as He does of all creation, and further whether we will stand with Him and affirm Him as Lord of our nation. I urge all professing Christians, to do exactly that.

    Arguing the merits of one “issue” after another after awhile is pointless. The state will mandate LGBT indoctrination in schools one week, advocate for legal abortion the next, and mandate recitation of prayers of Islam the week thereafter.

    Only Christ can save the soul of our nation. Faithful Christians must start affirming that in the most direct and public way possible.

  8. @ CRC

    Thank you for the sobering link to the case history.

    Your right.
    God help us and give us courage to stand up against these traitors.

  9. Seems to me if you want to fight this really effectively… mobilize the muslim parents in the area to protest this. Protest alongside them saying you object to the imposition of others values upon these minorities like some kind of colonialist.

    I am dead serious.

  10. @8:30 “A question for religious conservatives: Would you side with Muslims on this issue?”
    It is a legal fact that children, minor children do not have informed sexual consent until emancipation. Parents are responsible for their children’s upbringing and education. Why is the LGBT imposing their ideology on these people at the expense of the taxpayers?

  11. For the same reason they are trying to lower the age of sexual consent of children, teaching children about oral and anal sex, allowing underage girls to undergo abortions without the consent of the parents, giving contraceptives in schools, and allow court protection for children who identify as the opposite gender from the sex with which they were born from parents who want to stop transgender therapy etc: To wrest parental control of their children and destroy the traditional family unit of man, woman and children. Do not think that this just came over night or that we as a nation had nothing to do with this perversion that has fallen upon us. As soon as contraception was accepted as normal with heterosexual couples the last obstacle (procreation) was torn down leaving NO reason for same sex unions to be seen as marriages. Strengthening marriages(no divorces and remarriage without annulment, and/or contraception) in the manner as originally created by God will be the only way to defeat this perversion.

    LGBT has it’s power because we did not stop them in its tracks at the outset.

  12. “Greg, let me put on the robe of a prophet for a moment. When the Great Revolt against all this starts, it will start in California.“

    While that may be true, conservatives will be to blame in significant part. I think the way the political establishment on the right has basically abandoned California is shameful. When you look at who our side puts up in gubernatorial races. Last year, the GOP ran John Cox. John who? Exactly. They could have ran Carly Fiorina, who had a national profile who came off much better in the presidential primaries than her numbers indicate. Trying to portray her as a Trump stooge would have backfired given that she was really the only GOP candidate to back Trump down. And she could have beaten a clown like Gavin Newsom. Likewise, the elder Duncan Hunter could have beaten Moon Beam Brown. But we ran Meagan Whitman, a hundred plus pounds of chewed bubblegum. Hunter was instrumental in securing the San Diego sector on the border, by, wait for it, putting up a barrier. Walls works. As one who has lived in San Diego since the early nineties, I saw the change first hand. Hunter was actually much loved for his efforts.

    And actually California is a more conservative state than the leftists who get elected. In 2008, Prop. 8, that wrote into the state constitution that marriage was between a man and a woman. Prop. 22 wrote into law the same thing a decade earlier.

    In 2016, a moratorium on the death penalty went down and a measure expediting executions passed. Make no mistake, the anti-death penalty movement is driven by the hard left almost as much as the pro-abortion movement is.

    The fact that our side has surrendered the 7th largest economy to the left is an act of political cowardice.

  13. “For the same reason they are trying to lower the age of sexual consent of children,…” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote in her book that 14 year old girls be given legal informed sexual consent. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sex doctor filled the abortion clinics. Ideological kidnapping of body and soul and imposition of atheism by the state. Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels who murdered his own children are their heroes. Marriage consists in the marital act. Sodomy is not the marital act.
    “When the state stops acting as an agent of tolerance by which all beliefs are accorded protection and instead acts as an agent of indoctrination, it becomes in effect, a church unto itself, or a cult.”
    A violation of our First Amendment.

  14. Seen on Facebook. “What is the difference between California and the Titanic? The Titanic had its lights on when it went down.”


    What are you prepared to do?

  15. I dislike talking much about the following because some might see it as a bit too self-congratulatory. So forgive me if you get that impression; such isn’t my intent. And yes, bear with me for the text below relates to the topic of this post.

    Earlier this year, my step-daughter and her husband were making preparations to move from Pennsylvania where she was employed as a nurse to live with us in the Carolinas. She had just given birth to a beautiful daughter, and it is a Filipino custom for parents, children and grandchildren to live together. Furthermore, her husband has the strength that I now lack, so out of a sense of mutual self-interest, I enthusiastically supported the idea inasmuch as he could now help me around the house doing those things which my body prevents me from doing. Thus, my motives were not completely altruistic and thus they currently live with us.

    During these springtime preparations, I had observed that one of my step-daughter’s close friends was in a state of grave agitation, but not due merely to the prospect of missing a friend. This young Filipina woman was married to a Filipina man serving as a nurse in the local hospital in Pennsylvania. They had two young daughters, one age 5 and the other 6. After some investigation I discovered to my horror (and fury) that he was sodomite and had abandoned natural relations with his wife (who is drop-dead gorgeous) for a man with whom he slept on the couch in front of the children. I was infuriated, beyond myself with rage (you can imagine the invective that came out of my mouth as I talked about this with my wife and step-daughter – I am NOT holy at all), that someone would do such things in the presence of children. I therefore took charge (maybe I should not have, but I did) and told this young woman to move in with us down in the Carolinas. I admonished her to forget about everything, bring the kids and just do it; to hades with that sexual pervert. Yes, I said that, right or wrong.

    You know, folks, we all got sex problems. The Big Book of AA talks about that on pages 68 through 70. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. But heaven have mercy, not in front of the children! I am a submarine sailor and have had more than my full of sexual sin (albeit heterosexual). That’s not the point. We’ve all sinned and come short of the glory of God, me perhaps worse than others. But I am not going to tolerate indoctrinating children (whether my own or not) with this filthy, disgusting life style. I can’t save the world, but I can do something here. So today the kids and their mother live with my wife, my step-daughter, my son-in-law and myself. It’s a crowded house and I get no peace any longer except at 10 pm when I do my private devotionals while everyone is in bed. Happily I get to read Sacred Scripture and pray the Ave Maria with the kids, and take them to Holy Mass on Sunday. I even teach them Latin (because I can and I am a real horse’s behind when it comes to lingua Latina)! Their grandmother and grandfather in the Philippines are thrilled that my wife and I have done this. And the young woman now has a job and her own car (no more parking for me in the driveway!). And yes, I will brag: what my wife and I do is better than what any freaking useless, worthless, piece of crap government agency could ever possibly do. The kids are fed physically and spiritually, and protected from this godless indoctrination into sodomite filth as much as we can protect them.

    One last thing: I don’t even know why I am doing this other than I got set afire with anger. That’s the truth. Not a good motive, I suppose, but there it is.

  16. LQC.

    Great insights and actions.

    If I was in your shoes I might of been throw in jail for assault and battery related to the couch monkey business.

    Your a great success.

  17. Thanks, Philip. I don’t feel successful. God deserves all the glory. And yes, I thought about imitating Phinehas (Numbers 25:1-9) and Mattathias (1st Maccabees 2:15-26). But my wife, knowning my thoughts, forbade me (using choice Tagalog expletives of her own). She said I couldn’t afford to take care of her and everyone else if I am sitting in jail. She had a point. Now she’s the Matriarch in charge, a role that pleases her.

  18. May God bless you LUCIUS QUINCTIUS CINCINNATUS. Don’t worry about the holy anger. It is small stuff to what you have accomplished in saving the children from scandal and probaby their father’s soul.

  19. LQC.
    I happily married an Irish princess…
    [enough said]
    Spouses help each other climb the Holy Mountain.

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