Like a Crucifix to Vampires

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News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—Antifa factions nationwide had planned a “deface Columbus day,” on which they intended to deface and destroy statues of Christopher Columbus Monday, but authorities in many cities got the better of the radical far-left groups with a brilliant idea: by adhering legitimate job applications all over their local Columbus statues, they virtually guaranteed that Antifa groups would not approach them.

“It’s working extremely well so far. These Antifa thugs won’t go anywhere near an opportunity for gainful employment,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters. “We urge other American cities: if you want to protect your statues of Columbus, just head to the nearest McDonald’s or Walmart and ask for a stack of job applications. Get some tape and stick them all over the statue, and you can pretty much just go about your day at that point.”

“Job applications are Antifa’s kryptonite,” he added.

Go here to read the rest.  My sainted Father, Air Force veteran and factory worker, would have been unimpressed by Antifa.  Unless they attempted to get in his face, oh and I would pay a large sum of money if that were possible and my Dad was in his robust prime, he would have dismissed the entire movement with a terse:  “Get a job hippies!”.


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  Death is a gateway and not an end.  Something apparently an atheist philosopher began to realize shortly before his death in

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Jaime Hilario Barbel

To die for Christ, my young friends, is to live. The last words of Saint Jaime Hilario Barbel to his firing squad. 


  1. In other news, Minneapolis police stand idle as antifa thugs assault Trump rally goers.

    They wear masks so their mothers don’t see what they’re doing with their trust fund allowances.

    Similar quote about Patton during WWII, “He hates Nazis like the Devil hates holy water.”

  2. The indigenous people cannibalized their neighbors. Read Francis Parkman.
    While Columbus and George Washington may have owned slaves, Columbus and George Washington did not cannibalize their neighbors.
    To be politically correct people must now celebrate cannibalism through indigenous people day, abortion through Roe v. Wade, pornography as free speech, sodomy through Obergefell v. Hodges and atheism through prayer ban, Engel v. Vitale.
    “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”, “their Creator” and “divine Providence” of the Declaration of Independence, due process of the Fifth Amendment found in Isaiah 50: 8-9, sovereign personhood of the XIV and the XV Amendment are all subject to obliteration according to mob rule.
    God bless America

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