PopeWatch: Sinister Forces


Sinister forces are behind the Amazon Synod:


A co-founding organization of REPAM, the ecclesial network responsible for the planning and execution of the Amazon Synod being held at the Vatican, has received over $2 million dollars from an American multi-billion-dollar, pro-abortion and pro-gender theory foundation, it emerged at today’s synod press briefing.

At the Oct. 17 presser, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register brought to the attention of Archbishop Roque Paloschi, of Porto Velho, Brazil, the findings of Brazilian journalist Bernardo Küster who has discovered that the CIMI (the Missionary Council of Indigenous Peoples) has “received significant funding from the Ford Foundation.” Archbishop Paloschi is president of the organization.

“It’s well known, especially in the United States, that the Ford Foundation is an overtly pro-abortion organization that also advocates gender ideology — both of which the Church strongly opposes,” the Vatican journalist said.   

Go here to read the rest.  Christ is being betrayed once again, and this time without a kiss.  Our Pope has become the chaplain of the globalist elite, and the whole purpose of the Amazon Synod is to make the Church just another neutered NGO.

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  1. Women will not be ordained simply because women are not called to the altar by God through a vocation. Is any man or woman ordained without a vocation truly ordained or does the impediment prevent a valid ordination?
    The thousands of men sent into the seminaries by the communists to corrupt the Catholic Church did not intend to be ordained or to serve Jesus Christ. It is a mockery of the Sacraments.
    A person who does not intend to be married is not validly married.

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