Never Trump Champion

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Each statement below is a fictional paraphrase, based on historical facts, except for that of Elizabeth Ann Herring Warren, democrat candidate for


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  1. I recently saw a random musing that McMullin was actually a CIA plant. That only sounds kooky if you’ve paid no attention to John Brennan in the last three years. (Wm. Kristol’s other bright idea was running David French, who has spent the last three years taking every inane Democratic talking point at face value).

  2. Remember the time after the flood when Noah’s sons populated the world, as written in Genesis?
    [Chapter 9 is God’s covenant with Noah, Chapter 10 delineates the descendants and nations, and Chapter 11 (heh, heh) is the story of the Tower of Babel when men became for themselves.]

    In 11:5 – 9, the Lord said: ” If now, they are all one people, all speaking the same language, they have started to do this, nothing will later stop them from doing whatever they presume to do. … ”

    The constant unhealthy babbling from the madness resulting from 2016 has taken the rest of the whole ‘quiet’ world as its platform of planks which had removed God and the culture of family and life a few terrible years before 2016. It sickens, as a contagion – and it’s noisy with no regard for the good of anyone or anything. The paid public servants are breaking the 7th commandment by taking unearned pay.

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