Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus


Something for the weekend. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.  I have always loved this Protestant hymn.  In 1856 Dudley Atkins Tyng was removed as pastor from the Episcopalian Church of the Epiphany in Philadelphia due to his fervent preaching against slavery.  He died as a result of a farming accident in 1858.  His last recorded words admonished those who were around him to Stand up for Jesus. His friend George Duffield, Jr., inspired by those parting words, wrote the magnificent hymn.

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  1. Friends.
    Thank God for friends.
    His friend helped to feed so many others from the example of pastor Atkins. So many have dined on the delicious words written by G. Duffield Jr.
    Standing up for the unborn today.
    May many of the children spared from the hands of the abortionist hear and sing along with the choruses from above this fight song. This victory song.
    Abortion on demand is fatally wounded.
    Let’s give Trump a hand to replace RBG with a Justice that see’s the abomination that is legalized abortion. Let’s do our part to finish off Planned Parenthood once and for all.

    Cut off ALL Federal dollars to this death provider. Now.
    Never again a license to kill children.
    Our fight to free the slaves is happening now. Slaves shackled and beaten by women who are plantation owners of barren polluted soil.

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