God Bless Bishop Strickland

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  1. Don, trying to visit your website here I was give two separate warning to stay away because your site is dangerous. Has anyone else told you that or experienced that? Please remove this post if it is not appropriate. I just wanted to make you aware of it. Thank you.

  2. Since Karl mentioned it, I too get some wonky stuff when I visit–Amazon.com telling me Ive won a gift card, etc. Yesterday, I got a pop-up saying Chrome was out of date and needed updating–which I did not do.
    This does not always happen, and it does not seem to matter which browser.

  3. No problem on my Kindle last night getting on TAC. We had dinner last evening with our priest who told us this bishop is supposed to speak at a parish in No Virginia and he will be explicit about the evils of the Amazon Synod. There was some conjecture if his visit will be cancelled.

  4. I am still getting blocked and having to bypass. I sent THIS to Google Feedback:

    I visit this site all the time. Please be very specific and tell me where to look so I can see the harmful places that it sends me, personally. My background is science and law enforcement. I am objective. My email is this xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please answer me, honestly and factually. Thank you.


    Current status
    This site is unsafe
    The site https://www.the-american-catholic.com/ contains harmful content, including pages that:

    Send visitors to harmful websites

  5. Don: to give more feedback on the site blocking issue – I am also getting blocked and told there is a Malware issue with your site. It has happened multiple times over the last three days. The notice comes from “Google Safe” and Chrome which is a bit surprising as I stopped using Chrome as my default browser 3 weeks ago and switched to the more private, non-tracking BRAVE browser. Also, the things I forward to others are NOT being read as they are getting scared off by the same Malware warning message.

  6. I’m beginning to think this has nothing to do with Google or Chrome. I use Firefox and got the same message warning me about malware. What makes me doubt the origin of the warning is where the message says if I want to ignore the warning then I can proceed to this website, however there is no link or other way in order to proceed. Once I turned off “content blocking” in Firefox and reached TAC website I then closed out, turned on “content blocking” again and have had no problem since. I’m beginning to believe this whole thing is a hack and nothing to do with Google and Chrome as I said.

  7. I was able to reach the site this morning using Firefox without any warning message, a warning message I was receiving Sunday and Monday. I suspect TAC’s hardworking tech support elves are making progress.

  8. On another website, completely unrelated in content to TAC (it is the UK version of a clothing company’s website), if I simply type in the name of the website “clothing-r-us.com” I am blocked by Chrome/Bitedefender. Brave (used on my Samsung S7) will block it as well.
    If I type in “www.clothing-r-us.com”, then I am able to get through on Chrome/Bitedefender and Brave. If I want to go directly to the US version of the website, then I must type in us.clothing-r-us.com
    Chrome/Bitedefender does not give me any real info on why this happens, but Brave says “A private connection to [website] can’t be established because your device’S date and time (Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 3:48;37 PM) are incorrect.

    (please note: the website in question really is not “clothing-r-us.com”)

  9. Hmm. Right after I submitted the above comment, I was switched over to ” AT&T Customer Reward Program” at “happy.goodluckspace.com”
    And yes, that is the exact name of the website.

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