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Maybe the country dodged a bullet in 2012:


Mitt Romney strikes again and it’s really good this time.

After reports that he was working behind the scenes to gin up support for impeachment, he denied it publicly and all of the establishment conservative media insisted we must trust him. I mean, does that sound like something Mitt Romney would do? Then there was his nonsensical rant on Syria last week, where he ignored essentially all the facts on the ground to demand we do something. I say something because he wasn’t brave enough to actually say what he wants done. One is left to assume he’s somewhere between having a war with Turkey and placing a permanent contingent of troops stranded in Northern Syria.

Now, something both hilarious and sad broke last night. Namely, that Romney’s secret Twitter account has been discovered and he’s basically your crazy #resistance uncle.


Go here to read the rest.  Yeah, but Trump is the crazy one.  Right.

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  1. Carlos Danger…Pierre Delecto…Princess Spreading Bull…Cankles…Chuck you Schumer…Little Marco…Sleepy Joe…Lyin’ Ted…Crazy Bernie…Occasional Cortex…Spartacus…What a wonderful time to be alive!

  2. OC.

    Your list reminded me of a cast of characters in a comic book.
    Villains and foes from the metropolis. Haters of good guys who stand up for Truth Justice and the American Way with
    Orange Man somewhere in the middle.

    Maybe a volume of Mad magazine might be more accurate.

    As you said; “What a wonderful time to be alive!”

  3. Trump tweets under his own name. Romney doesn’t have the courage to stand / fold / cut and run under his own name.

    Btw, this IS my real name.

  4. “This site may harm your computer.” The warming came up when I Googled ” the american catholic blog”. My husband’s tablet has a different QUERTY , hard to find a hyphen, so I did not type in the address directly.

  5. “in pari delicto” – a few online have suggested that since Romney did his Latter Day Saints mission in France, Pierre Delecto is his play on words for the legal term. A dull moniker.

  6. “Maybe the country dodged a bullet in 2012.” I didn’t know you were British, Don. I mean, that’s some seriously understated humor right there. You might be entitled to a knighthood with that quote.

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