Bishop Rick Stika

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Bishop of Knoxville, and one of the more obnoxious American clerics.  From his twitter account:


I would think that most complains about the synod are white folks who have little experience of the world and other cultures and believe that the American way is the right way. Our history is still tainted by racism. Ask a Black Catholic where they had to sit 50 yrs ago.

I am pleased to say that he is being devoured in the reactions to his despicable libel.  Go here to read the responses.  Where do they find these morons to serve as our bishops?

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  1. I’m reminded of a manager who said: “A players hire A and B players, C players hire C and D players…”
    Then there’s the effeminate cabal.

  2. Ernst S.–I’d love to agree with you, but Stika is only responsible for his diocese in Tennessee. Covington is in Kentucky across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. But given his responses I’d estimate his age around 32yrs. Amazing for a bishop! Can’t wait for that prefrontal cortex to finish development!

  3. I adore how the term ‘White’ relative to race is used almost exclusively in a pejorative manner. I’ve said that to fit in with the modern Left, one need only take old speeches from Germany in the 1930s, scratch out ‘Jewish’ and replace with “White’, and you’d scarcely miss a beat. It appears the good bishop has already figured this out.

  4. Well, besides the fact that Bishop “Stuka” has his timeline wrong (50 years ago, 1969, black Catholics no where were “sitting in the back of the church” —-not after 1964 and not after Vatican II), he is, also like many other US bishops, almost criminally ignorant.

    I was a boy in 1960 in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1st grade and black children that fall were attending our school, St. Joseph’s, and black families sat anywhere they wanted to in the church. We didn’t think anything of it.

    However, the KKK noted the fact and that fall burned their monogram on the lawn of the sisters’ convent that first week of school in September as a warning. The city police had to put a squad car in front of the school and convent pretty much 24/7 for several weeks to calm things down.

    So, Bp. Stuka, stop bombing your own Church with guilt when we were actually doing the right thing. You are ignorant and you have a problem.

  5. It would be nice though, if Catholic bishops were as concerned about Roman sensibilities as Amazonian ones.

    I mean, what’s next, apologizing for insulting Germanic sensibilities by planting oak trees inside of German churches?

  6. Dave Griffey: you are correct. The term “white” is only a perjorative to lefties like Rick Stika, who doesn’t give a shi_ about the souls of those in the Amazon or anywhere else. I mean, God forbid a “white” person lead anyone to Christ. Who are white people anyway, oppressors that they are, to stand up for their beliefs, much less share their beliefs with anyone. He’s not a Catholic, not a Christian and certainly not anyone’s “father”. Jesus wept!

  7. Rick made me mad enough I have to add another comment. I could be wrong as I don’t follow the twitter accounts of homo-heretics like Rick, but I’m guessing he never once tweeted “Hope they arrest the homosexual predators within the episcopacy”. Then again, I’m merely a “white man” so what do I know.

  8. His Eminence comes from St Louis, unfortunately. And yes, his comments concerning Black Catholics is particularly egregious, since the Cardinal Archbishop of that see led the way on desegregation in the 1940s, before he was even born.

  9. CORRECTION: “Like His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, His Excellency Bishop Stika comes from the Archdiocese of St Louis.” That is how it should have been written. Both men were in seminary at Kendrick-Glennon at the same time, alongside my beloved and holy pastor. Dolan was two years ahead and Stika a year or so behind. No one here has any idea what happened to Dolan, but Stika is acting how he always has been, according to the clerical underground. As a native New Yorker, now living in the wilds of Missouri and loving it, when Dolan was announced as the new head of that See, I knew he was not the man for the job- he is no Cardianl O’Connor and more squishy than his immediate predecessor, Cardinal Egan.

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