Kittens, Puppies and Baby Humans

The House of Representatives passed this unanimously yesterday:

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal felony. The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, or PACT Act, bans abusive behavior including crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, impaling and other bodily injury toward any non-humans.The bill was introduced by two Florida congressmen, Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Vern Buchanan, in January. It was approved Tuesday by a voice vote.

The PACT Act expands the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, which was passed by Congress in 2010 and made the creation and distribution of animal crushing videos illegal. However, the new act closes a loophole by prohibiting the underlying acts of animal abuse, according to the office of Congressman Deutch

Go here to read the rest.  I confess that until yesterday I was happily ignorant that videos lovingly detailing the death by torture of small animals, usually kittens or puppies, even existed.  Truly Man’s capacity for evil, as his capacity for good, knows no bounds.  Good for Congress in making certain that the purveyors of such congealed horror will face legal penalties.


We must pray that some day the members of Congress will pay a fraction of their justified concern for innocent animals, to the well being of innocent kids in the womb, who are slaughtered annually in numbers that exceed the numbers of Americans, 750,00, who died in our Civil War.  The Emperor Augustus once opined about Herod, yes, that Herod, who had executed several of his kids, that he would prefer to be Herod’s pig rather than Herod’s son.  For our unborn brothers and sisters doomed to be dismembered or burned to death in saline abortions, that jest is a grim reality today.


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  1. Truly Man’s capacity for evil, as his capacity for good, knows no bounds.

    Been thinking on this some. The Bible says “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” and it occurs to me that’s a positive as well as a negative. That our spirits are willing for greater evil, but our bodies grow tired and exhausted, even die, limiting the cruelty. (Hence what makes Satan so evil, he has no restraints save God’s intervention.)

    So maybe there are some bounds to our cruelty. And we should be thankful for God’s mercy on that.

    (And yeah, part of what makes WW2 so bad is our using industrialization to over come our frailties.)

    P.S. I have also noticed the paradox of our age growing more concerned over the lives of animals than of other humans. I don’t wish cruelty to animals, but I’m always weary of mission creep and some abusing this effort to shut down farmers just doing their jobs.

  2. So many Unclean spirits Nate.

    What would PETA do to Jesus after they understood that 2,000 swine ran off a cliff and drowned in the sea after Jesus drove away the unclean spirit to the demise of the pigs?

    PETA would of went bonkers.

    Today is a world turned upside down.

    The good news is that The GOOD News gets the final victory. All we can do is choose wisely the actions we partake of each day.

    It has always troubled me when folks see value in animal wellbeing yet disregard the plight of the unwanted fetus, hence see euthanizing humans as an answer yet pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into saving mistreated dogs and cats. Strange times indeed.

    Killing Barabbas was unacceptable compared to killing the healer, the peace giver, the forgiver and miracle worker.
    Crucify the Unborn is the yell from our current culture. Give us the murderer but kill the innocent. Common decency has been exchanged for common debauchery.


    Alive and well in many a campus.
    Many a political party.
    Many a Church
    And many a heart.

    God help us!

  3. For instance, I read in my newspaper that a man in a small way of business in a suburb,
    trying to get rid of a cat which was diseased, and failing to do so by poison, knocked
    it on the head several times until it was killed. For this action he was condemned to
    prison, his life presumably ruined and his human home destroyed, on the evidence of a
    person paid to discover such cases by a private society. On reading the report of this,
    your average Englishman would say: “Serves him right. The cat and the man are both of
    them part of animated creation, not different essentially; there is less difference
    between a man and what are called the higher animals than between these and the lower
    forms of life. Animals have rights just as we have . . .” and so on. All that way of
    looking at such things is the product of intense imagination and emotionalism working
    on a false philosophy.

    To men of Catholic culture this mixing up of men and animals in one category is not
    only false, but abominable. The report of such a case in Catholic social surroundings
    would raise a storm. The destruction of a human home for the sake of a cat would seem
    intolerable. As for animals having rights, the Catholic system of morals specifically
    denies that. We have duties to God in regard to animals, but they have no duties to us.
    There is no contract between us; and they are made for our service.

    Hilaire Belloc – “The Conversion of England” from Essays of a Catholic (1931)

  4. No surprise that two of Florida’s elected sponsored that bill since FL has dog track racing (as do other states); the dogs once their racing days are disposed of cruelly. Some greyhounds are found in dumpsters still alive and are euthanized humanely. The lucky ones are adopted. Michael Vick had his dog fighting camp in VA. The loop hole law against animal fighting has been closed. That said pit bulls will show up on our property loaded with scars from fighting.
    There is a correlation between animal cruelty, and abuse and cruelty to humans. That’s why I am pleased to see such laws enacted. Unfortunately people for “reproductive rights” aka “women’s rights” aka abortion don’t think of the horrors of what happens to an unborn child being aborted.
    Paganism is creeping back.

  5. “Unfortunately people for “reproductive rights” aka “women’s rights” aka abortion don’t think of the horrors of what happens to an unborn child being aborted.”


    That’s our cue!
    Our duty is to help them see the atrocity that is abortion. We become visible for what is hidden from the public. Unplanned the movie is one avenue . A copy given to me from the regional coordinator of 40Days for Life, is with our parish priest. He said yes to showings in our parish.

    Our sidewalk prayer campaign in front of today’s Auschwitz on many a street in America is no longer an effort for a couple of faithful, but now must be a coordinated effort from many a faithful.

    Until we number hundreds on the sidewalk in prayerful protest abortion is hidden away.
    Until the responsibility of saving one child rests on each one of us it’s a hidden act.

    To put the nails in the coffin once and for all we need each Christian to go the fence and pray. Burying Planned Parenthood is a start.

  6. Peaceful picketing and prayers in front of the building and in various denominations’ churches helped close the last abortion clinic in the NoVA city where I used to live. In addition to the presence of the pro-lifers, crying women entering and leaving the clinic with their male handlers; and complaints from the other tenants caused a decline in business so that the butchers couldn’t pay the rent.
    The city council refused a petition for a new clinic to move into the city at another location. Thank you, God.
    According to the Arlington Catholic Herald abortions in the state of Virginia have declined by 50%. This despite our very pro-abort and pro-infanticide governor (D), and his lt. governor (D) and attorney general (D). The battle is not o’er yet.

  7. “The battle is not o’er yet.” – CAM

    No…it’s not over. We can’t rest until it is over.
    Until the final victory. Immaculata Victory.

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