PopeWatch: Pachamama Reactions

The Vatican today announced that the Blessed Virgin will now be referred to as Pachamama in deference to the cultural sensitivities of the indigenous people of the Amazon.  Vatican spokesman Father Senza Senso, SJ, explained the decision:

Christ was all about the accompaniment of sinners: tax collectors, prostitutes, you name it, Christ accompanied them.  Naming his mother after a native deity is the ultimate act of accompaniment.  The Holy Father is even now drafting a special liturgical celebration in honor of Pachamama the Mother of God.

In response to charges that this constitutes idolatry,  Father Senso responded:  Idolatry only consists of worshiping a false God.  This only constitutes a rebranding of the mother of the true God. There is no idolatrous intent, quoting the Holy Father.

Reactions have been mixed to this decision.

The Vatican directed reporters to a posting made by American writer Jimmy Akin:  Ten things to know and share about Mary/Pachamama.

This move by the Vatican has been praised by The Babylon Bee in an editorial:  We appreciate the Vatican taking pity on our heavy workload and giving us endless fodder for posts that will involve no effort by us.

Father James Martin, SJ, has floated the idea that the new incarnation of Mary might be gay or transgender.

Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari has stated that in a private conversation Pope Francis expressed doubts about whether Pachamama is actually the same as Mary.

American blogger Mark Shea has denounced opponents of  the Pachamama decision as racist Christianists.

Cardinal Burke has called the decision “troubling” and has stated that he might add his name to a petition asking for an explanation from the Pope.

The Lutheran Satire has posted a video entitled I Told You So About Pope Frankie.

The late Cecil B. Demille:




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  1. With apologies to Inigo Montoya, you keep using that word “barely”. I don’t it means what you think it means.

  2. Is pope Francis will declare a Holy Day to honor the pagan virgin?
    or move the Vatican in the Amazon , if he doest, leave Fr Martin beyond.I love my faith that I grow up with and I intend to defend it when it come to bizarre pagan ceremony.

  3. Wait. I know the Babylonian Bee is satire as well as the Lutheran site. Is thus whole post satire or are they really labeling this false god as Mary? Reality has become so crazy–I honestly don’t know.

  4. Today was a good day.
    I sat in a room with 800 other Catholics, like the one’s who frequent TAC, and listened to Cardinal Burke speak of our “troubling” times. A sold out event.
    Not all of the American Catholics are too busy trying to save the planet, save mothers from the hideous medical condition known as pregnancy or pave the way to castrate their 6 year old boy at the altar of progressive radical liberalism.
    No. The Truth was shared today. The Truth that was the same yesterday, today and forever. No ambiguous utterances will ever speak on behalf of the Truth.
    For confusion and ambiguity are not from Truth but they are from it’s adversary.

    I was thrilled to see so many religious at this gathering.

    It gave me Hope.
    That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

    The Truth will prevail folks.
    Jesus WE do Trust in You.

  5. Have Mark Shea or Jimmy Akin addressed this issue at all?

    Maybe I’m missing something but I haven’t heard a peep from these two perpetual cheerleaders.

    How quick both are to brush off (Nothing to see here-Akin) or condemn (White Christianist Death Machine-Shea) any criticism of Pope Francis.

    Where do they stand on this?

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