Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Cuthbert of Canterbury

It is written in the book of Solomon, “Blessed be he that findeth a true friend, with whom he can speak as with himself.” With great thanks to God and to you, we have received from your son, deacon Cyneberht, your munificent gifts and your most welcome letter underlined with fraternal love. You also lovingly communicated with us, through him, your honeysweet words of fraternal counsel. It is our wish that, as long as God grants us to live in this mortal life, such spiritual colloquies and 177 advice may always be imparted with the aid of Him, from whom alone are holy desires, just counsels, and good wishes. Lest us seek to instruct one another, you taking the larger and better part, whom God enriched with many powers and with great wisdom and ability, we in a few things, as a faithful and devoted brother, both united by the golden bond of heavenly love which cannot be broken.

From a letter of Saint Boniface to Saint Cuthbert.  Go here to read the rest.

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