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  1. I was thinking of Alec Guinness earlier today. He was in the WORST “sword” fight ever filmed. It was of course in Star Wars.

  2. Yet the role called for his sort of character: a world-weary eminence-gris, battle-hardened, frank about the evil of the universe but not so cynical as to give up hope of victory. He reminded me almost of a noble Viking: “The gods may lose to the giants, but I will side with the gods”.

  3. Oh he was perfect for the role, and he was far too much a professional not to give his best, even though he was bemused by the project. Guinness had played a lot of flawed heroes during his career, and I think he would have found the role more interesting if the flaws in his character had been developed in the first trilogy. Typical Guinness heroic roles:

    Guinness specialized in complexity and ambiguity, elements missing in the first trilogy.

  4. Don is correct. And Lucas’s tragedy is he’s incapable of writing the kind of complex character Tom rightly noted the story calls for.

  5. Don:
    That might draw attention away from the internal conflicts in Luke, who was (after all) the protagonist. In the same way JK Rowling left the ambiguous youth of Dumbledore out of the early Potter books, until Harry’s own character had developed; and Tolkien says little about Aragorn’s inner doubts until Gandalf disappears in Moria. It’s confusing to focus on the internal conflicts in more than one character at a time

  6. One of my favorite renditions of the “elder mentor” role.

    And now to go back to playing Final Fantasy XIV: The Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

    It’s basically our bowling league, but with no drive-time, and the kids can play if they want, too.

  7. Alec was a true professional and honest worker who gave it his all no matter his own ego.

    Though i have immense respect for him, part of me still wishes we had gotten Lucas original pick for the role…

    Toshiro Mifune

    (Who could have deflected Vader’s lightsaber with just his eyebrows.) That man was stone cold on screen and I still get chills imagining him in that iconic role. Plus we could have had like… Donnie Yen play the young version in the prequels.

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