Biden Privilege

Biden always seeks to inflame racial paranoia for votes.  It comes as news to me that cops don’t pull over whites, as I have been pulled over several times since I began to drive in the early Seventies.  If I had known they would have left me off once I told them I was white, I could have saved myself some money.  Perhaps they sensed that I am part Cherokee, or perhaps the world is a good deal more complicated than Joe Biden says it is.  I have it!  Biden was confusing White privilege with Biden privilege.  I assume it was a bold cop indeed in Delaware who ever pulled over Senator-for-Life Biden or any of his offspring.  If any cop did get out of line, Daddy Joe to the rescue.  Helps explain how Hunter Biden has been in and out of drug and alcohol rehab, no joke, seventy times, or why Bursima paid him three million bucks for a no show job.  Life is good as a Biden!


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  1. I’m still convinced the left wants to get rid of Biden so they can play the toxic white male card–whipping up the black and feminist vote.

  2. Whoever the Democrat nominates they will use the race and sex cards in the general election. Their problem is that none of their major candidates are poised to do it well, with Fauxcahontas especially ill suited to do so. Biden is actually the candidate who enjoys the most black support currently.

  3. Their only hopes are Joe Biden who isn’t that smart as you suggest in your post, or resurrecting Madame Hillary who recently was escorted from Costco for repeatedly accusing the sample lady of being a Russian asset.

    In 2020, how many will want to go back to the good old days of the magic man show?

    Richard Fernandez, “What no one wants to remember is that Russian collusion, if it happened at all, happened under Obama. . . . In reality the good old days when ISIS ruled the Middle East, Russia could invade the Ukraine, China steal the OPM data and the South China Sea and kill the entire CIA network in the Middle Kingdom were never that good. Neither Trump nor Brexit nor the Democratic party left wing sprang out of thin air. They sprouted from a crisis.”

  4. Biden: proving once again that the devil takes many guises and that one can fool some of the people some of the time.

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