PopeWatch: Demon Dolls

As usual, Father Z puts it succinctly:


Marco Tosatti posted at his place about the Synod and a well-known con-game called “three card monte”.

In the course, however, he included this.

Oh yeah… gotta get me one o’ these!   Maybe a full Pontifical set!

No doubt they will be sold in the vest best clerical places in Rome.

Keep those contributions coming!

Meanwhile, speaking of con-games, I understand that the wooden demon dolls they lugged into the close Mass of the Synod (“walking together”), were – I as questioned in the another – not the same wood demon dolls as got dumped into the drink the other day.

Recovered…. riiiiiiight.

And… yes… the chasuble is a joke.


Go here to read the comments.  Lies and jokes, rather pathetic in both category, pretty much sum up the Idolatry Amazon Synod.

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