Best Trump Tweet Ever


Not generally a fan of Trump Tweets, but this one is a keeper.  Dogs are held in low esteem in the Islamic world, so this rubs salt in the wound.  Good.

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  1. Satan will be crushed forever by the heel of an obedient young Jewish girl named Mary. Her Triumphant victory is foretold and Satan knows it will come about.
    How humiliating for him and all who foolishly follow him.
    Immaculata victory is coming.

    Great job Shephard.
    Trump in 2020……more humiliating times ahead for the Pelosi fakers.

  2. “Satan will be crushed forever by the heel of an obedient young Jewish girl named Mary.”

    That doesn’t mean that a heroic canine can’t fasten the jaws of justice on his leg to hold him still long enough for Mary to smash his head. Just picture our Blessed Mother then saying, “Good boy,” and petting him.

  3. I like the legend that Dog was the first animal to follow Adam out of the garden so he wouldn’t get lonely.

    Hope this good boy got some choice steak to eat that night.

  4. LQC…
    “Good boy.” I like that. Thanks for the image. Head smash thing is poetic for the brutes who belong to ISIS.

  5. He’s a Belgian Malonais (sic). They look like German Shepherds. He would have been greatly pleased with a raw steak and a bowl of milk ( my German Shepherds all loved milk).

  6. Zero-Bark-Thirty
    would make an excellent film, as told through the dog’s eyes.
    (last scene, the Malinois lifts his leg on the remains of this mass murderer/rapist -)

  7. My understanding is that rather than face the dog, the terrorist detonated a suicide vest he was wearing, and killed himself and three small children with him. The dog was injured but recovered quickly and is reported to be back on duty. Fortunately this terrorist – Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi – has now faced his Creator and Judge before whom he will answer for his crimes. Sadly three innocent children are also dead. If the terrorist had any real courage, then he would have spared the children by facing the dog rather than detonating the vest bomb. Likely, though, the dog would still have sent him to Jesus.

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