PopeWatch: Contra Idolatry

Let’s take the wayback machine all the way back in history to August 1, 2018:


Pope Francis reflected on the first Commandment in his catechesis at the Wednesday General Audience, saying idolatry is a very real and current temptation.

“The commandment prohibits the making of idols or images of any sort. We are talking about a human tendency, which spares neither believers nor atheists.”

Modern idolatry

The Pope, citing the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2113), said idolatry “consists in divinizing what is not God.” He invited Christians to ask ourselves:

“What is really my God? Is it the One and Triune Love, or is it my own image, my personal success, even within the Church?”

Pope Francis said an idol is a “vision” that tends to become an obsession. “An idol is really a projection of the self onto an object or a project.”

He said advertising uses this dynamic to turn a car or a smartphone into “a way to respond to my existential needs” and to be happy.



God, said Pope Francis, “never requires life but gives it. The true God doesn’t offer a projection of our success, but teaches us to love.” Rather than asking us to sacrifice our children, he said, “God gives his Son for us.”

Finally, Pope Francis said God teaches us to live day-to-day rather than letting false idols deceive us into hoping only in the future.

Recognizing our tendency toward idolatry, “places us on the path towards love”, the Pope said.

“Love is incompatible with idolatry.”

Go here to read the rest.  The Pope is not only at war with Catholic teaching of twenty centuries, he is at war with what he said last year.

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  1. As I understand from various sources, this is entirely consistent with the Peronist mentality. Peròn was infamous for saying “A” to one audience, then saying “Not-A” to another, often in close succession. It was his way of currying favor with as many as possible, while at the same time casting doubt and confusion everywhere to keep his enemies off balance. Bergoglio has perfected this art.

  2. Possible response;

    I never admitted to possibly accepting the responsibility of never truly adhering to anything anyone including myself would ever have said that he did or didn’t say was intended to be misconstrued and for reasons above your “grace” grade you wouldn’t understand…so let’s move on.

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