Democrats Walk the Plank

As I predicted last year, Democrats are proceeding with impeachment.  In a straight party line vote, all Democrats but two voted for the impeachment inquiry and all Republicans voted against it.  Loon Justin Amash, who left the Republican Party in July, also voted for impeachment.  Last December I made this prediction and I stick to it:

The Democrats are going to ensure that their impeachment of Trump will be the dominant story of the next two years.  They will impeach Trump and the Republican dominated Senate will refuse to convict.  Trump will paint himself as an innocent victim pursued by the Swamp dwellers, eternal defenders of the status quo, and he will go into 2020 with an angry and aroused base.  This is lunacy from the standpoint of the Democrats, but they can’t help themselves.

Voltaire used to say that he had only one prayer to God and that was to make his enemies ridiculous.  I assume Trump must be reading from the same prayer book.  They are drinking their own Koolaid.  In politics never drink your own Koolaid.


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  1. The Democrats can’t help themselves. They want to destroy Trump. There are a bunch of Captain Ahabs out to get Moby Dick. Scratch that. They are Wile E. Coyote in eternal pursuit of the Roadrunner. The US Treasury is their Acme revolving credit account. The New York Slimes, the Washington Compost, MSDNC, Zucket News Network, etc are the Chinese made junk they buy from Acme.

    I wish I had a can of Instant Hole. I would pour some Instant Hole in front of Bela Pelosi, Adam Schiff for brains, etc and watch them fall into the Instant Hole through a bridge and watch them wash away down the Potomac.

    Imagine what you could do with some Instant Hole.

  2. And now, developments point to another albatross besides Adam Schiff around the Democrat’s’ neck—long-time Trump-hating John Brennan-CIA plant and associate, Ukrainian expert pro-Joe Biden man, Eric Ciaramella, reputed to be the “whistleblower”, who was personally placed on the NSC by Brennan as essentially a spy in the changeover to the Trump White House.

  3. How can you impeach the man who personally saved Nakatomi tower from terrorists?

    Never mind. I know how. Conflict of interest. No doubt Trump’s massive real estate empire stands to benefit in some way so convoluted that only Adam Schiff can understand.

    Thank God the House is in the very best of hands. Top. Men.

  4. The Dems know that anyone who voted for Trump in 2016, including those who crossed their fingers or held their breath – will vote for him again.
    Their goal is to shame the middle not to vote for Trump in 2020, while covering their rear ends from the true Ukraine scandal (the Steel dossier) that’s coming.
    This whole thing is kabuki theater.

    Trump will win in 2020.
    Let’s hope he gets both Houses too!

  5. If he doesn’t get both chambers of Congress there’s little to no point in reelecting him.

    Other than damage control as the ship of state founders.

  6. True enough.

    But the Republic won’t be safe until we’ve made the Democrat party safe for the Romneys in the GOP. And that won’t happen until the Democrats are reduced to an ineffectual rump for a couple of generations.

  7. The Democrat Party is not democratic. The democrats are baby killers. Vote against the baby killers. These unborn children are our constitutional Posterity, George Washington’s constitutional Posterity, all future generations, whose innocence is the standard of Justice for the nation.

  8. But there still has not been a formal impeachment resolution opening the process to both parties, has there? This is just another PR stunt.

  9. Their goal is to shame the middle not to vote for Trump in 2020

    It would seem their efforts are counter productive to that end. I suspect that, recognizing the lackluster and forgettable slew of candidates they have, they are using it to keep their own base motivated enough to show up in Nov 2020. In that sense, I think they have fired their ammo a little early. By the time Nov 2020 rolls around, there will be a significant amount of impeachment fatigue.

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