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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Trump has awarded galactic hero Chewbacca his long-awaited Medal of Bravery for his performance in the Battle of Yavin.

The Wookiee had been snubbed by other presidents, who turned him down for the award despite his being nominated numerous times.

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump tweeted along with a pic allegedly showing the ceremony. “BEST WALKING CARPET MAYBE EVER!!!”

But not so fast, said some fact-checkers.

Snopes, The New York Times, and dozens of other unbiased, austere truth-tellers immediately debunked the image, pointing out that the Wookiee could not have been presented with the medal since Wookiees are not real. They also scoured charts of the universe but could not locate the gas giant Yavin or its fourth moon, suggesting that such a place may not exist.

“We contacted the White House, but no one has been able to provide historical evidence that the Battle of Yavin actually occurred,” wrote one CNN journalist. “Also, we have traced the original image to the 1977 film Star Wars, and it appears that the entire thing may have been doctored.”

Go here to read the rest.  It should be noted that humor does have a well known conservative bias.

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