PopeWatch: Prayer to Pachamama

PopeWatch wonders if this would constitute “idolatrous intent” in the eyes of the Pope:

A prayer to Pachamama, the “Mother Earth” venerated by indigenous tribes such as the Aymara and Quechua in the Andes but also in the northern plains of Argentina and in Brazil near Bolivia and Peru, has been found in an official booklet of the Fondazione Missio (Mission Foundation) of the Italian bishops’ conference.

The prayer is presented without warning about the fact that it is addressed not to God — another prayer in the publication, written in the same letter-type and the same color scheme, is addressed to the “Most Holy Trinity” — but to a pagan divinity, asking for material prosperity and aiming to placate the spirits of the Earth.

The booklet is part of a series of resources presenting the work and aims of the Catholic mission and its missionaries, with a special focus on the Amazon Synod that took place in Rome from October 6 to October 27.

It was published before the opening of the synod. The presence of the “Pachamama” in an official publication of de Italian bishops’ mission agency suggests that both the group comprising indigenous natives of the Amazon region and their European-type accompaniers and the Catholic hierarchy in Rome were fully aware of the “Mother Earth”–type cult with syncretic Christian overtones that repeated itself in the Vatican gardens and the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina near Saint Peter’s Basilica and at an “Amazonian” Via Crucis.

This sheds a whole new light on the presence of the carved wooden images of naked pregnant women whom Pope Francis himself designated as “Pachamama” statuettes.

The 30 pages of the booklet, which is dedicated to the “animation” and “formation” of the faithful in view of the Amazon Synod, is available (in Italian) here under the title Sinodo sull’Amazzonia. It explains how REPAM, the ecclesiastical network for the pan-Amazonian region, was created in 2014 in order to help the Church “walk together” with its inhabitants, especially the indigenous tribes who still live there according to their ancestral traditions, some of them refusing all contact with the rest of the world.

Go here to read the rest.  Here is the prayer to Pachamama:

Pachamama of these places,
drink and eat as much as you like of these offerings,
so that this land may be fruitful.
Pachamama, good Mother
Be propitious! Be propitious!
Let the oxen walk well,
and let them not get tired.
Make the seed taste good,
that nothing bad happen to it,
that frost may not disrupt it,
that it produce good food.
We ask you:
give us everything.
Be propitious! Be propitious!

It is interesting that the Pope has often been intolerant of traditional Catholic devotions while he sponsors and supports blatant idolatry.  We have an enemy of the Faith as Pope.



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  1. The difference between the true God, the Blessed Trinity and Pachamama and all other invented, imaginary creations of indiscriminate longings is that the Supreme Sovereign Being, the Trinity, is three distinct PERSONS, SOVEREIGN PERSONS in a community of love. The true God loves man so that the Second Person of the Trinity became the revelation of God to mankind.
    Jesus Christ, true God and true man.
    The personification of Mother Earth, the sun, the moon and deified personages are all lacking infinity and perfection, perfect Justice, perfect love and perfect mercy.
    If any person cannot tell the difference between the true God and a false God, he must look in a mirror.
    “I AM GOD”. You are not. (You and all of your inventions are creations of a finite mind)

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