Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed John Bodey

Indeede, I have been sufficiently censured, for I have been condemned twice; if you may make the hearing of a Blessed Mass treason, or the saying of an Ave Maria treason, you may make what you please treason… I acknowledge her as my Lawful Queen in all temporal causes, and none other… Ye shall understand, good people all, I suffer death not for not granting her Majestie to be supreme head of Christ’s Church in England, which I may not and will not grant; I pray God long to preserve her Majestie in tranquility over you, even Queen Elizabeth, your queen and mine; I desire you to obey none other.

Words of John Bodey prior to his execution for the “crime” of being a Catholic on November 2, 1583

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  1. Sick era. So many needless deaths. All started because of a royal divorce and remarriage… and greedy nobles.
    Now this pope, at the bidding of some greedy German bishops/cardinals, wants to make it okay for Catholics who are divorced and have remarried to be in good standing with the Church.

  2. It does seem to me that more English martyrs have been canonized or are in the process from the period of the Tudors and Stuarts..

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